30 September 2012 | KEMAH , TEXAS
25 September 2012 | Houston Tx


30 September 2012 | KEMAH , TEXAS
Navigation Class..

I know , I know ,you dont have to keep taking ASA courses if you own your own boat, but my need for knowledge has finally exceeded my brain power, talk about not understanding and being able to apply basic concepts that captains all over the world , have done for years, finally hit home.... No I wasn't lost at sea, with no navigation, I was talking about taking a 105 Costal Navigation course, before I get my boat as a precautionary measure... Wow, if you never gave credit to , circumnavigators , without electronics, they get one point from me. This stuff is incredibly hard, I got a 72 on my test , needed an 80 to pass, Seems one question of adding 6e instead of subtracting it has reeked havoc, on my test scores, my 3º of variance became 10º and my knots per hour ,,, and my latitude,, well you already know... If not one problem wrong screws up about thirty things, If I learned anything from this course, its a good idea to invest in a great chart plotter, and if that screws up, get out your map , find a buoy, and get the problem fixed,, On another note, I retook my 103 and passed with flying colors.. am getting really excited about living this new life on the boat.. Adventures begin soon,,, We close on the boat this Wednesday , not even sure when we will see her, as the house is sold, Brianna,( First Mate) and 14 year old daughter, was given a tupperware tub,, today ,, calll it 15 gallon size and was told put everything you want to keep in this box, "What ? Everything?" yes everything that you have to have goes in this box. " Does that include my clothes.. " Yes... her response " Ok, but what if I want to were anything, I put in there" My response ... " After you wash it put it back" Her response, "oh so were not leaving yet????? I love my angel!!!

Well you have to start somewhere

25 September 2012 | Houston Tx
This is my first entry into sailblogs, I hope I am making the right decision, Put the house on the Market, sold! Selling all personal bs belongings, Bought a boat sight unseen , and ready to take on the world. This should be work, as we get closer to closing , I will post more.
Vessel Name: Rock Bottom
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 380
Crew: Robert Williams,
About: My self , true Parrot head, and 14 year old first mate Brianna, trouble on land for 7 years but, hoping this makes the difference in her and me!
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Down to Rock Bottom again, just a few friends

Who: Robert Williams,