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03 August 2011 | Mazatlan, MX
30 July 2011 | Mazatlan, MX

The Bucket

03 August 2011 | Mazatlan, MX
It is rainy season in this part of Mexico but we haven't had an excessive amount of rain so far. During our first rain storm here a few weeks back, we had lots of rain and strong winds. Even though we are tucked in at Marina Mazatlan and tied to the dock, the wind was gusting and we felt as if we were at anchor. We live on our 43' Morgan and let me just say that we have about 4 ft. of freeboard (from the waterline to the deck), which is quite a distance for my 5'3" frame. While at the dock, we usually keep a bucket turned upside down to use as a step so I can get on and off Rock n Roll more easily. The morning after that first storm, I woke up and everything was nice and fresh as it is after a good rain. But... my bucket was gone, along with one of my shoes and one of Russ' flip-flops. I walked the docks looking for all 3 items, and was lucky to retrieve the one flip-flop belonging to Russ, but nothing more.

Later that day, Russ and I took a bus to Home Depot and bought 2 more buckets - those nice, sturdy, bright orange kinds. I mentioned that I should tie the bucket to the boat so we wouldn't lose another, but I forgot to actually do it. Then, a couple of nights ago we had another storm and I woke up that next morning to find that the new bucket was gone! I walked up and down the docks and saw the bucket in the water near another dock, with barely an inch showing out of the water (good thing I bought the bright orange bucket as it was easy to see). It took about an hour to finally retrieve that bucket and as soon as I got back to the boat I took some line and tied it securely to the boat.

I know - you are thinking "big deal - who cares about a bucket story" - but it gets better....

Night before last Russ and I woke up to the sound of something beating against our boat. We both immediately thought - the bucket! The wind must be blowing and the bucket is tied to the boat and is just banging against it. Russ got up and went into the cockpit to grab the bucket, but the noise didn't stop so I got up to see what was happening. I asked him why he didn't just pull the bucket in by the line and secure it in the cockpit. He replied, "It’s not what you think". I noticed that it was dead still outside and the wind was not moving at all, but the beating against the boat was still going on. Evidently a large 2 ft. long mullet (fish) decided to make a suicide jump out of the water and onto the deck of Rock n Roll. By the time Russ got out there, the deck was all slimy and Russ had to catch the fish by hand in order to throw him back, without falling in the slime, of course. I am just so glad that I didn't volunteer to go out and get the bucket, because JANET+FISH AND SLIMY DECK=DISASTER. Mission finally accomplished and Russ all clean, we went back to bed. Sure wish I'd had my camera....

Plaza Machada

30 July 2011 | Mazatlan, MX
After more than 7 months traveling aboard Rock n Roll from Rio Dulce, Guatemala to Mazatlan, Mexico, we decided to take a break and explore this lovely city of Mexico. We have been eating the local cuisine, both in restaurants and through street vendors, riding the local bus system, and hanging out in the downtown areas for street festivals and the weekend live music. We (more I than he) finally found a dance studio where we are currently taking Salsa lessons. It is actually much more difficult than it looks but we are practicing our steps and spins and turns as often as possible, and, we are having a great time.

This evening we plan to head to the square, listen to some music, and possibly try out some of our newly acquired dance moves. I will let you know how that goes....
Vessel Name: Rock n Roll
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Crew: Russ and Janet Cook
About: We had a plan, worked hard toward a common goal of living aboard, and quit our really good jobs back in March of 2007. We sailed out of Clear Lake, TX in May of the same year and have been on a wonderful adventure ever since.
Extra: We love our lifestyle and live by our motto - There is hope for tomorrow, but no guarantees!
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