The Voyage of 'S/V Röde Orm' - Sweden

Come on board and take part in our adventures while exploring the world at the slow pace of a sailing boat. We left in June 2009, heading south to escape the northern winter... to start with. Currently in Algarve/Portugal taking it one day at a time.

13 September 2010
11 September 2010 | Nantes, Bretagne-France
07 September 2010 | Bretagne (or Normandie?)
02 September 2010 | still the same...
31 August 2010 | Rezè- Bretagne (boat in Rio Guadiana)
09 August 2010 | Rezé//Bretagne//France
18 July 2010 | Clisson/La Sèvre
15 July 2010 | Nantes/ Brittany
14 July 2010 | Nantes/Bretagne/France
25 June 2010 | Gamleby- Sweden
05 June 2010 | Mértola// Minas San Domingo
27 May 2010 | Alcoutim
24 May 2010 | of the River
21 May 2010 | Alcoutim/Sanlucar
21 May 2010 | Alcoutim/Sanlucar
16 May 2010 | Alcoutim
10 May 2010 | Alcoutim/Sanlucar
30 April 2010 | Alcoutim-PT// Sanlucar- ES
24 April 2010 | Ayamonte - Andalucia - Spain

The Tuna Fishing Harbour

20 April 2010 | Tavira - Algarve
N 37,05 W 7,35

Or, to what once was the most important tuna fishing harbour on the Algarve. Until the midth of last centuy that is, the tuna is no longer nearly as prevalent as it used to be here.

The town of Tvira has a much longer and more interesting history than so. Once we had done the 2 km walk from the anchorage to town, we were immediately struck by it's charm and also the 'colonial style' so apparent. Quite a few churches, monasterys and luxurious buildings from the late 1400s and a couple centurys forward made this town very interesting compared to the modern rather soul-less resorts further east along the coast.

Soon enough we found out the logical explanation. This town was indeed a colonial power 'spot' and thus quite rich from the late 15th century. The reason for this, was that the Portuguese at the time had conquered some 20 cities along the North African coast, among them the present Spanish Enclave: Ceuta.

When that epoque faded away, the tuna was what made Tavira prosper and ti doesn't by far feel as touristic as the other towns in Algarve.

Vessel Name: Röde Orm
Vessel Make/Model: Laurin 32 ketch built in 1965
Hailing Port: Falsterbo -Sweden
Crew: Magnus & Isabelle
MAGNUS, Swedish skipper. Navigation teacher and a Commercial Yachtmaster. After many years of dreaming, recently sold off his business since over 20 years. Left swedish waters in June 2009 and hasn't yet looked back ISABELLE, Born in Brittany/France & First Mate. [...]
During 2008 we cruised during two and a half months in the Baltic Sea as covered in the older posts on this blog together with Magnus's 2007 cruise to 66 degrees North in the Baltic Sea. During this spring of 2009 we completed an extensive exterior refit of Röde Orm, and untied the docking [...]
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Who: Magnus & Isabelle
Port: Falsterbo -Sweden