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spewing ash

20 July 2011 | Port Resolution, Vanuatu
Aloha, So we had a vigorous shower last night as this low pressure trough moved up from the south. So we awoke early this am to go to the sulfur springs and do some hiking. We were expecting to find a nice clean boat all bathed from the nights showers. But,alas , when we looked outside the boat was covered in a layer of black ash and sludge. Amazing ! The wind had shifted 180 ' over night and was blowing ash from Mt. Yasur all over us. It looked like rain with poor visibility so we decided to skip the 0700 drive to the springs and instead spent the next 2 hrs cleaning the boat. The ash gets in your eyes and throat, and by the time we were through it was obviously a chore done in vain as the ash continues to fall. So we spent a rather nice relaxing day reading about mercury engines, Vanuatu, and Guy downloaded some of our movies for one of the local lads with a DVD player. Now, its 1300 Vanuatu time and the wind has picked up to 20 k out of S. The stern anchor is now holding the boat stern to the wind which as you can imagine is not an ideal situation and particularly hard on the stanchion it goes around. So, its off to turn the boat around and make the stern anchor the bow anchor. Good Fun!, Love as always, Rob, Guy, and the Rose.
Vessel Name: Compass Rose
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter 420 Passage
Hailing Port: Lahaina, Hawaii
Crew: Robert & LuAnne Yapp
We left Maui in April 2010 with LuAnne's son Nick and his girlfriend Michelle. We stopped in Fanning Island, Penrhyn and Suvarov in the Northern Cooks, American Samoa, Tonga, and Fiji before spending the cyclone season in New Zealand. Michelle left in Tonga and Nick made it to New Zealand with us. [...]
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