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31 October 2009 | Turtle Bay
Early morning out in the cockpit, coffee mug in hand, watching the gulls and pelicans circling for food, and dolphins and seals surfacing nearby, was a special treat. After breakfast Rudy and I set out for town in the dinghy for me to go back to the internet shop to send my e-mails.

Before we left Rudy had cooked a pork roast to take to the pot-luck. After it had cooled he set about slicing with the critical eye of Stig evaluating every slice.

The pot-luck was held on a beach outside of town. We went there at about 1300. With a steady wind in the bay, the mile or so up wind provided a wet trip for the bow riders. But with the water at a comfortable 70 degrees and with low humidity, we soon dried off. We pulled the dinghy up the sand and set out for the beer line. Already a substantial collection of dishes had been assembled and more were to follow.

The organizers had set up beach volleyball and Michael soon took his place on the court. Stig and Aleta met some old friends and Rudy and I fell into conversation with Dave and Joy Robinson from SBYC who were sailing their Beneteau 46. They plan to go into the Sea of Cortez after the HaHa. Since I was wearing my Wind Child/Hospice tee, we enjoyed recognition by several PNW sailors who congratulated us on our 1 out of 8 performance - which by the way has now been corrected to 1 of 7 a out of total fleet of 170 to have sailed the whole first leg. We also learned that this was the most wind they had ever had on a Baja HaHa, but that from here on to Cabo, the wind is expected to revert to the more typical light out of the NE backing to NW as the day proceeds.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning when we were down to 2-3 knots of boat speed in fog we had wondered about the wisdom of our choice to stay inshore. We learned however from talking with people who had gone offshore that they had virtually no wind for most of the night, so ours turned out to be the better choice.

Rudy and I took an early spot in the food line and were soon enjoying a selection from the many dishes. We watched Michael for a while, who by now was really into his game, then took a long stroll along an almost deserted white sand beach.

Soon it was time to head back to Wind Child and wrap up a great day with a glass of wine and a delightful rice dish that Stig and Aleta concocted.

This may be our last message until Cabo. We are still not able to send or receive from the boat.
Vessel Name: Wind Child
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 36s7
Hailing Port: Sequim, WA
Crew: Rudy Heessels
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