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24 August 2010
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Sail Changes

20 August 2010
Today has been a day of constant sail changes. The winds have lightened-up a little. First of all we took all the sail reefs out during the night Then we had the spinnaker up by 10:00 AM. The winds freshened so we took it down two hours later. We are on a port tack and the winds were backing on us to the point that we could not sail our proper course to Neaha Bay. So we have set the jib in a wing-on-wing position and that has worked fairly well. We are also "drying out" a little as there has been no rain for a couple days and the sun has been shining at least 50% of the time. We had a beautiful moonlight sail for a few hours last night as well.

Another problem with going downwind is that the wind generator puts out a lot less power. With the winds we have had to date, the wind generator and solar panel have provided all our power needs except for when we run the desalinator to fill the fresh water tanks. We have done that on only two occasions. So, we are really going green as they say. However, if the winds stay as they are we will probably have to run the diesel engine tomorrow to charge the batteries. The biggest power consumers are the fridge/freezer, HF radio, radar, lighting and navigation lights at night. We have used about 25% of our diesel fuel as we have only had to motor about 32 hours. Furthermore, despite all the cooking, we are still on the first propane tank. So, all-in-all our "carbon footprint" has been very low!

The other major change today was to reset the ships clock to Pacific Daylight Saving Time - what a shock that will be.. The treat tonight was a steak dinner with a special cauliflower preparation by the Captain. Another delight!

no ships seen and no fish caught today.

Hope to be in port by Saturday,
Rudy, Dave, Terry and Rob
Vessel Name: Wind Child
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 36s7
Hailing Port: Sequim, WA
Crew: Rudy Heessels
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