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Vessel Name: Intrepid Elk
Vessel Make/Model: Outremer catamaran 51
Hailing Port: Fremantle
Crew: Robert and Revle Elks
16 May 2017
06 October 2016
30 September 2016
22 September 2016
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16 May 2017

Cherbourg encore

We are reunited with Intrepid Elk after a winter/summer separation and it is good to be home again. IE has had a facelift and her shiny white hulls are dazzling once more. She has a beautiful new bimini (shade cover) over the helm seat, which Robert designed and which was fabricated in Portsmouth and [...]

06 October 2016

IE preparation for winter

Our sailing days for this year are over and we are once again busy getting IE ready for a winter in the northern hemisphere. This year, she will be in the water for most of the time, with a short interlude on land in a large painting shed, where she will have her hulls painted. In order to get her into [...]

30 September 2016

Cherbourg, France

It was an inky black moonless night as we slipped out of the river and across the sand bar with fishing vessel Emma Louise behind us. Revle was on the bowsprit with a spotlight looking for hazards ahead. I was at the helm, peering at our chartplotter and concentrating on following our inward track. [...]

22 September 2016


We made a motoring passage of 35 miles to Plymouth Sound, then battled against strong currents up the Tamar River to an anchorage at West Mud where we spent a peaceful night. Plymouth has been a major naval base for centuries and we had some close encounters with modern navy ships in the harbour. We [...]

18 September 2016


Our passage to Falmouth took us past The Lizard, a projecting headland with a ferocious tidal race. We passed a little too close and got caught in the race which was too bumpy for comfort. Approaching the Falmouth harbour, we had the excitement of crossing our track from June 2015 when we made landfall [...]

17 September 2016


We left the Isles of Scilly early in the morning to catch a light northerly wind to Land's End and the fishing port of Newlyn, just south of Penzance. We couldn't believe our luck, having another gentle passage through one of the most treacherous and notorious waterways in northern Europe. We galloped [...]

Gulf of Ajaccio, Corsica

02 September 2014
Working our way up the west coast we moved into the next large bay - the Gulf of Ajaccio. Since the west coast offers little shelter to the rapid onset of bad weather, the aim is to always be no more than a day's sail from safety. Ajaccio - the birth place of Napoleon and the capital city of Corsica - is one such place. We found a very pretty anchorage in the lee of a tiny island - Ile Piana. Once again the water was crystal clear with abundant fish and sea grass.Suddenly, the month of August drew to a close and the 1st of September had arrived. After some wonderful swims in the waters around Ile Piana, we set sail and skimmed across the Golfe d'Ajaccio to the capital of Corsica, tucked into the head of the Gulf. We knew we had some bad weather ahead and were keen to find somewhere to shelter while it passed. Although there are now two marinas in Ajaccio, there is plenty of room in the natural harbour, with good shelter, so we dropped anchor, and settled in for the night, looking across to the old town.
As forecast, the weather arrived in the early hours of the next morning and the wind howled for the next 18 hours, gusting up to 34 knots. In the midst of the peak, there was a moment of panic when Robert (alone on IE) saw the dinghy drifting off into the distance! Luckily, we had befriended a neighbouring Frenchman, and Robert was able to attract his attention and the two men sped off in the neighbour's dinghy to retrieve the escapee. More lessons learned....
While all this was going on, I was ashore doing some essential shopping, and finding my bearings in this city that is famous for being the birthplace of Napoleon. Despite the fact that Napoleon left Corsica when he was only 9, returned only briefly, and never felt any affection for Ajaccio, the city has adopted him as their local hero and much is made of his roots here, and his name is everywhere. His birthplace and the family home has been surprisingly well converted into a 'Napoleon museum', with interesting exhibits and a succinct and informative audio guide to listen to as you explore the house.
Ajaccio itself is a city of over 300,000 inhabitants, the biggest city on the island, and is a busy place with an economy based largely on tourism and the aerospace industry (airbus is made here). There is an airport and cruise ships and ferries come and go every day. We have become default cruise ship aficionados, and now recognise the 'frequent flyers'.
This was also an opportunity for Robert to climb the mast again!

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