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Vessel Name: Intrepid Elk
Vessel Make/Model: Outremer catamaran 51
Hailing Port: Fremantle
Crew: Robert and Revle Elks
16 May 2017
06 October 2016
30 September 2016
22 September 2016
18 September 2016
17 September 2016
14 September 2016
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16 May 2017

Cherbourg encore

We are reunited with Intrepid Elk after a winter/summer separation and it is good to be home again. IE has had a facelift and her shiny white hulls are dazzling once more. She has a beautiful new bimini (shade cover) over the helm seat, which Robert designed and which was fabricated in Portsmouth and [...]

06 October 2016

IE preparation for winter

Our sailing days for this year are over and we are once again busy getting IE ready for a winter in the northern hemisphere. This year, she will be in the water for most of the time, with a short interlude on land in a large painting shed, where she will have her hulls painted. In order to get her into [...]

30 September 2016

Cherbourg, France

It was an inky black moonless night as we slipped out of the river and across the sand bar with fishing vessel Emma Louise behind us. Revle was on the bowsprit with a spotlight looking for hazards ahead. I was at the helm, peering at our chartplotter and concentrating on following our inward track. [...]

22 September 2016


We made a motoring passage of 35 miles to Plymouth Sound, then battled against strong currents up the Tamar River to an anchorage at West Mud where we spent a peaceful night. Plymouth has been a major naval base for centuries and we had some close encounters with modern navy ships in the harbour. We [...]

18 September 2016


Our passage to Falmouth took us past The Lizard, a projecting headland with a ferocious tidal race. We passed a little too close and got caught in the race which was too bumpy for comfort. Approaching the Falmouth harbour, we had the excitement of crossing our track from June 2015 when we made landfall [...]

17 September 2016


We left the Isles of Scilly early in the morning to catch a light northerly wind to Land's End and the fishing port of Newlyn, just south of Penzance. We couldn't believe our luck, having another gentle passage through one of the most treacherous and notorious waterways in northern Europe. We galloped [...]


14 September 2014
We spent two nights anchored in the Bay of Calvi with its beautiful backdrop of mountains of granite and coastal greenery. Our friends Sam and Lucy were arriving mid-week so we moved into the marina to make their arrival more comfortable.
Sam and Lucy arrived by taxi from the airport and we spent most of the afternoon talking ourselves hoarse about everything that had happened to us and them since we left Perth in March. Revle prepared a delicious dinner which we enjoyed in the cockpit with the eyes of about one hundred tourists on us. One of the hazards of staying in popular marinas is that we are often placed right in front of a restaurant. (We did put up the bimini covers eventually for some privacy).
We planned a day of sailing along the north coast of Corsica, staying overnight at the farthest point. In the end, because of the lumpy seas, we ended up doing just a short day sail which was nevertheless a lot of fun. We were able to see the next village east of Calvi and have a swim and lunch on board before returning.
Little did I know that Revle was scheming an early birthday dinner for me so the four of us went out to a spectacular restaurant overlooking the Bay of Calvi. It was a lot of fun and so memorable, given the circumstances of being so far away from family and friends at home. I also received some early birthday presents - downrigger trolling gear from Revle and a beautiful silky oak bowl handmade by Sam on his wood lathe. I was touched.
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