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Who: Darrell, Nicki, Curtis, Marcus and Porthos
Port: Alameda, CA
26 August 2013 | San Francisco
01 May 2013 | Point Sur, California
27 April 2013 | Coast of California
24 April 2013 | US Border
24 April 2013 | Ensenada, Baja, MX
19 April 2013 | Turtle Bay, Baja, MX
13 April 2013 | Off the coast, Baja, MX
11 April 2013 | Bahia San Juanico, Baja, MX
08 April 2013 | Bahia Santa Maria, Baja, MX
05 April 2013 | Bahia Santa Maria, Baja, MX
29 March 2013 | Cabo San Lucas, Baja, MX
29 March 2013 | Cabo San Lucas, Baja, MX
26 March 2013
26 March 2013 | Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
22 March 2013 | La Cruz Anchorage
19 March 2013 | Tenacatit, Jal, MX
19 March 2013 | Tenacatit, Jal, MX
15 March 2013 | Barra de Navidad, Jal, MX
10 March 2013 | Santiago Bay, Jal, MX
06 March 2013 | Manzanillo, Colima, MX

Back to where it all began!

19 March 2013 | Tenacatit, Jal, MX
The ride from Barra to Tenacatita was not pleasant. There was a 15-20 knot wind on the nose which made for a very choppy ride. Marcus put on a brave face, but we could tell he was very uncomfortable. As we rounded the point and headed down bay the ride improved and by the time we anchored Marcus was doing much better. Unfortunately we where only able to push about 4 knots so it took a good 4.5 hours to arrive, but we did set anchor just before dark.

The first day was odd, we had expected to catch up with everyone who helped us out and give a full account. What we found is that almost everyone but Legacy had left already, including Dr. Nava who went back to Guadalajara. The boys did school that morning on reefs, so we went snorkeling at the mini-reef here. This was Marcus' first excursion into nature since we where here last. He did great, but the water is getting cold here and he has no body fat so he went for about 15 minutes. I did get some interesting shots and he found 3 kinds of coral for his assignment. Even Curtis bailed early, to go surf with Colton. Later we went in and played Mexican Train (or Cuban Dominoes locally) with the cruisers.

The next day I talked Marcus into going in and playing some badmitton and learning horseshoes with Jim from Sweet Dreams. It's good to see him getting about again. He is still lacking strength so we have to pace our activities. My knee had swollen to the size of a grapefruit so I decided it was time for a break. Yesterday was nothing more than hanging out and reading Isaac Asimov. Curtis went in to surf and take the dog.

Today is better for everyone, which is good as we are preparing to depart for Chemala tomorrow (Wednesday). I am still trying to work with Slalom to get a 30-60 day contract for April/May. If that happens then we will get to Paradise Village and I will leave the family and boat here and go back home. If not, then we have to decide if Marcus is really ready to head up the coast or if he and Nicki need to fly home while Curtis and I get the boat back. If anyone needs a SharePoint expert or .Net developer for 30-60 days, please let me know.

Cheers, Darrell KJ6WER, sent by HAM Radio
Vessel Name: Rubber Duckies
Vessel Make/Model: Coronado 45
Hailing Port: Alameda, CA
Crew: Darrell, Nicki, Curtis, Marcus and Porthos
Darrell and Nicki both took ASA classes at Tradewinds Sailing School in Richmond, California. After learning the ropes on various charter boats they purchased thier first beater boat, a Coronado 30, in 2002 and joined the Vallejo Yacht Club. [...]
Extra: A boat in a slip is a sad thing. A boat that never leaves the slip is unnatural.
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Notable Notations

Who: Darrell, Nicki, Curtis, Marcus and Porthos
Port: Alameda, CA