02 November 2012 | Gold Coast to Cairns

Queensland Coast a little while ago

02 November 2012 | Gold Coast to Cairns
We bought our first yacht, 'Falken', a 30' Clansman in 2001. With this boat, we learnt a little bit about cruising and living aboard with a small family.

In 2003, we sold Falken and bought St. Anna, a 36' Van deStadt Seal. We left Moreton Bay in April 2004 for waters North...

In 2006, we sailied south again to Moreton Bay and ended up selling St. Anna.

In 2008, we bought Rushcutter2, a Hillier fitout Peterson 46.

In 2010, we returned to Brisbane, renovated the house and got off the boat.
Now, in 2012, we are planning to head off again in mid 2013.
to be continued...
Vessel Name: Rushcutter2
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