Sababa world cruising

We are in preparation mode for world cruising

21 June 2013 | Half Moon bay marina
04 March 2013 | Phuket Thailand
24 November 2012 | Waiheke
21 November 2012 | Auckland

We are ready to leave Auckland

21 June 2013 | Half Moon bay marina
My fab husband has worked so hard and we are ready to leave for the bay just a few more jobs and we are ready to leave nz for Vanuatu and the Indonesia !

Cruise Indonesia

04 March 2013 | Phuket Thailand
Tracey hot
Well we have decided to join the rally from Darwin through Indonesian having a date to work to its really inspired us to keep the momentum of our dream alive. That is to be sea gypsys for as long as possible before climate change makes it difficult!!
We have to be in Darwin ready to leave by the 27 th of July 2013. Our plan is to leave NZ mid May, cruise though the pacific, I would like to go Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Cairns clear Aussie customs and cruise the reef day sailing up and around the top of Aussie to Darwin in time to reprovision and start the rally. After that the island of Langkawi and Thailand hear we come.
The challenge is to get the house finished sold and the boat ready its going to be massive, hence the R&R trip as a little bit of a tease and for Grant to recharge his batteries.
So far that's going well besides my heat stoke back out and faint and just to insult to injury vomit for good measure. Note to self do not sit under a dodgy umbrella all day with no hat,and consume alcohol while saying I'm too hot!!! I think eating the green curry was the final straw.. Any way I was cohesive enough to instruct grant to cool me down and etc me home to the aircon.
Any way looking forward to the challenges to come and scythe adventures no less.

Sababa has a new home

24 November 2012 | Waiheke
A afternoon sail to Kennedy Point was the highlight of the week. It felt like the first step on a very large journey to getting to boat ready to leave NZ.
Grant has a full on and frustrating week getting the auto helm installed which by the way is still not operational. It a very expensive item so let's hope it's sorted out soon. The electric winch is going so great the main was up in no time.
Well some boat mags left at work have had all the cruising pages removed, so inspiring to read about grants mates who have done the trip we are planning to do.
The latest is to leave in early may 2013 spend 3 mths in the tonga etc pacific islands and then island hop up to Thailand do some work, and then Madagascar and Africa, Rio and the Carabiean - the med and then back through the panamar and ticki tour home. I'm do excited but sooooooo much to do. Least of all finishing the Waiheke house before we leave.......

Preparation has started

21 November 2012 | Auckland
Summer is here
Well grant has started the big spend to get the boat up to CAT 1
Sababa is a great yacht 53 foot Farr50 not the perfect crusing boat but strong and fast
Latest additions

Auto helm
Electric winch
And finally a fridge !
There is heAps more to do yet
Planning on leaving Opua NZ in April 2012 for the fabulous pacific islands
Who know where the wind will take us after that
The latest thoughts are Asia and the Africa and the to the Caribbean - Med and through the Panamar and home.
So exciting
Vessel Name: Sababa
Vessel Make/Model: Farr 50
Hailing Port: Auckland
Crew: Grant and Tracey
About: Both forty something and ready to leave the rat race to see where the wind takes us
Extra: Currently living on Waiheke Island, Auckland
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Sababa world cruising

Who: Grant and Tracey
Port: Auckland