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14 June 2014 | Melbourne Florida
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17 April 2014 | Isla Mujeres, Mexico
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St. Agustine

21 June 2014 | florida
The last time I had to take someone to emergency was when my son Jason was 2 years old running a high fever. I knew we'd be there all day and we were. They took xrays of Steve's knee but found only the aging osteoarthritis that we old folks normally get.

We limped our way to a beautiful anchorage north of New Smyrma Beach then onto Palm Coast Marina. We have to keep icing his knee per doctor's orders. The goal now is to make it to Brunswick Georgia where we leave the boat until the knee problem gets resolved.

We are currently in St. Agustine. We've been here before when we saw Saben for the first time 17 years ago. Has it been that long? Now we're but a few miles away from the marina where we saw her and decided that she's the boat for us.

We are both getting melancholy as we discussed the plan of what to do with our boat life. But like we said when we first started this journey, everything is set in jello.

Wish us luck,
Steve, Marie and Angel


15 June 2014 | Florida
Left Marathon 0750hrs for Titusville. We leave early because of the daily 4 pm storm and squall almost everyday. We want to be sure we're anchored or tied up safely by 3 pm.

Very uneventful day turned melancholy while sailing by Cape Canaveral where they used to send off our shuttles. It would have been spectacular to be able to watch the launch from the water.

We arrived 1400 hrs at Titusville City Marina. The dock was short and when Steve jumped to the dock, something snapped on his knee. Within minutes it swelled and by dinner, we decided that we will rent a car tomorrow to see a doctor. He's walking in crutches now.

Hope all turns out well tomorrow.

Keeping our fingers crossed,
Marie, Angel and Steve


14 June 2014 | Melbourne Florida
After a 60 knot gale last night, we made it out of Vero Beach.

A Very Long Blog

19 May 2014 | Marathon to Vero Beach Florida
Haven't blogged for awhile. Here are the really good reasons:

- After 5 years of cruising and taking the voluntary furlough, I decided to go back to work. I had to go through the same stuff as new hires - fingerprinting, homeland security clearance, 11 days of training, etc. , etc., etc.
- Our renters left and we have to get the house in Seattle ready for sale
- Our boat is still in the hurricane area and MUST be north of 30 degrees for insurance purposes by July 1st.

Sooo, I fly to Seattle to get contractors for remodeling and moving out my renters, and then I fly to DC to work, and finally fly to Florida to transit the boat.

The sail from Isla Mujeres to Marathon Florida was beautiful. The weather was perfect and no one got seasick. We were boarded by a few birds (one sea burial for one bird that died) but all in all, uneventful. We traveled with our friends from SV Panache (Jacque & Anet) but they ended up in Key West because Anet got really seasick. We rented a car from Marathon because customs and immigration is in Key West. No big deal, we love the drive over and lo' and behold, we see our friends from SV Panache. They love Key West and will stay there for awhile.

I worked the first week of March for 3 days! It was very painful but I survived. So this is how work feels... why did I come back to work again? I have to keep reminding myself why. After the 3 day job, my buddy Jeanine reminded me that I have training scheduled for 2 days in Chicago. It's like the 11 day training was not enough. Finally, after training, I flew back to Marathon to transit Saben.

The weather was funky so we had to wait 6 days before we finally left. The original plan was to do day hops to Rodriguez key, then Ft. Lauderdale but since we were running out of time, we went offshore to catch the 3 knot gulf stream to push us north. We were sometimes going over 10 knots and it put us into Ft. Lauderdale at 2 am so we kept going north. There was lightning and thunder and a few squalls but that was okay until we heard on the weather channel that northerlies are moving in to create chaos. We decided to go into West Palm Beach by Lake Worth.

When we talked to cruisers in Marathon, they all advised us to get tow insurance. They said that, "It's not a matter of IF but it's WHEN you'll need them." Sure enough, we anchored by Parker Bridge and by 1 pm, we hear a thud. We ran aground and as hard as we tried, we couldn't get out. We called SeaTow and they pulled us off. We then decided to anchor across the bay but before we got in the anchorage, we ran aground again! So, we got towed out of the mess and motored into the Riviera Beach Marina and stayed there for 2 nights.

Yesterday, we left at 0830 hrs, opened about 5 bridges and went through 2 fixed ones. We ended up anchoring in this hectic area where cigarette boats raced each other until dark. This is also where Steve found out that our depth finder was not calibrated correctly, and this just happened within a week or so before we left Marathon. It was reading 4 ft too shallow - this is the reason why we ran aground. He immediately fixed the problem and then moved the boat into a deeper anchorage.

This morning we left the anchorage early before the power boat racers came back to life. This time, we only had to go through 5 fixed bridges and only had to open one. The whole ICW is shallow. We had to keep the boat centered at all times. It only took us 6 hours to get to Vero Beach Marina where we fueled up and tied up to a mooring ball ($13.00/day).

Tomorrow, we scope out the town.

Everyone's safe in SABEN,
Angel, Marie and Steve

Good Bye Mexico

17 April 2014 | Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Leaving Mexico in 2 hours with our friends from SV Panache (Jacque & Annette). Heading either for Dry Tortugas, Key West or Marathon. 400 nautical miles or 80 hours of slugging.

Send us good Karma and keep us in your prayers.

Marie, Angel & Steve

Isla Mujeres

12 April 2014 | Isla Mujeres, Mexico

March 2nd, we made it safely to Isla Mujeres, a small island off Cancun from Puerto Morales. The check in procedure was very painful and the total cost including doggy fees was almost 2,000.00 pesos. The smart way of doing this is getting a slip at Marina Paraiso for the day and the harbormaster, Chepo will do all the leg work for you. It will come out cheaper in the end, I promise.

I had to fly back to the USA because I decided to go back to work. Not realizing how involved it would be, I was so grateful for my flying partner who did most of the leg work for me. Because I have been away for 5 years, it was like being a new hire (ie, fingerprinting, drug tests, etc.). The initial training was 11 days in freezing cold Chicago and my first 3 days on the job; I was "juniored" into the supervisor position.

I got back to Isla Mujeres last Thursday and it looks like the weather should be good for Florida crossing on Monday. This means we will be checking out of the country on Monday morning and off we go. It will take about 2 days and 16 hours to Marathon, Florida.

We're keeping our fingers crossed because I have to be in Miami or have an airport nearby before May 7.

Looking forward to good ole' US of A,
Steve, Marie and Angel
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