Spring Safari

18 July 2010 | Newport, RI!!!
30 June 2010
29 June 2010
28 June 2010
27 June 2010 | Cape Hatteras
26 June 2010 | Passing Charleston, SC
25 June 2010 | Even with Jacksonville, FL (90 miles out)
24 June 2010 | On course toward St. Augustine and gulf stream
23 June 2010 | Matt Lowe's Cay, Abacos, Bahamas
02 June 2010 | Staniel Cay, Bahamas
16 May 2010 | Currently in St. Thomas, USVI
01 May 2010 | Fajardo, Puerto Rico
17 April 2010 | Caneel Bay, St. John
09 April 2010 | Portsmouth, Dominica
01 April 2010 | Still in Bequia
28 February 2010 | Bequia
13 February 2010 | Le Marin, Martinique
13 February 2010 | En route
02 February 2010 | Portsmouth, Dominica

Where has the time gone??

02 June 2010 | Staniel Cay, Bahamas
After bidding a fond farewell to the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands, Safari Tu crew embarked on a four day passage to the Bahamas. At least that's what we set out to do. We had a glorious 3 day sail which got us most of the way there - the idea was to head to an island called Mayaguana. However, our last night at sea showed us how wrong we were. A huge thunderstorm hit right overhead, with loads of lightning, torrential rain, and big thunder boomers. Not being able to see where we were, or which direction the storm was headed, we opted to heave to until daylight.

Fast forward a few hours, and we're still hove to - surrounded by lightning, but at least we can now see. It's really wet everywhere. We finally make the decision to motor to the Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales - our closest landfall. We managed to motor out of the storm, and into the beautiful calm waters of Turtle Bay - where the sun was actually shining.

So, while it was not on our itinerary, we made the most of our stay by enjoying the great food available on the island, rented a car for the day to explore, and provisioned up for our real trip to the Bahamas.

Post - storm, winds were very light, and we set off in the direction of Rum Cay - a good name for our first Bahamian island! We anchored in a huge bay with only one other boat in it - and truly enjoyed the absolutely crystal clear blue water which surrounded us! Scott thinks he saw a hammerhead shark pass right by our boat - and we were only in 7-10 feet of water! We had a lovely reef to snorkel around, including a sunken sailboat - a bit ominous!

In any case, it was a bit quiet, so we headed off to the "metropolis" of George Town in the Exumas. This is the social center for cruisers in the Bahamas - and we managed to meet a bunch of new family boats while anchored there for several days. One family on "Sea Gypsy" had been out cruising with their kids for several years - and had a lot of good information for us. They also introduced us to a German family on board the catamaran "Pacific High". Their kids are the same ages as ours - and we all hit it off immediately with a game of volleyball on the beach. They have moved permanently onto their boat - and have wowed us with all the comforts of home which they have on board. We decided to travel as far as we can with them, as they are making their way through the Bahamas and north to the States as well.

We now find ourselves in Staniel Cay - the home of Thunderball Grotto - of 007 fame, and of all things, swimming pigs. See the photo album for documentation.

The water continues to amaze us here - and the shallowness of the Exuma Bank! Navigation has taken on a whole new meaning - but we are getting the hang of things. We plan to spend another couple of weeks exploring the Exumas and Abacos before making the big jump back to Newport!!

We are lucky to have former ASTA intern Amelia along with her boyfriend Grant join us as crew on our journey home. Just to make the passage even smoother, Scott's parents have agreed to host summer camp for the kids while we are working our way up the coast. So plans are in place, and the trip is coming to an end. Unbelievable.

We'll have another update prior to our departure - and will try to enjoy every last minute of this wonderful year!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Vessel Name: Safari Tu
Vessel Make/Model: 44' Gulfstar 1980
Hailing Port: Newport, RI
Crew: Scott, Jen, Anna, Matthew
About: We are a family of four looking to take some time out of our hectic life to enjoy each other while exploring the east coast and Caribbean on our sailboat. Let the adventure begin!
Extra: Scott and Jen already took a year and a half off before kids to backpack around the world. Anna and Matthew have spent half of their lives living in Europe.

Who: Scott, Jen, Anna, Matthew
Port: Newport, RI