After years sailing the Caribbean we traded our Tayana 37 for an Island Gypsy to explore The Loop

Boat Maintenance In Paradise

01 May 2019
Janice Nagle

Our version of the LOOP has us boating summers and exploring the rest of America as CLODS (cruisers living on dirt) the remaining months. Of course that means hauling our boat out of the water and preparing her to be left for months as well as all the work involved in getting her ready to get us back on the water in the spring. We arrived in Cape Charles the last weekend in May and splashed that Monday. A week at the dock preparing for the season left us exhausted.

I'm thinking there has to be an easier way. People sign up for a variety of options for hands on learning. They take courses to master power boat handling or to learn to sail. But thats the fun stuff. There are diesel courses and safety courses too. Seminars and workshops! But none of these really allow you to get dirty! So, we think next year we will offer a no expense paid training session to folks thinking of trying the Looper lifestyle. They would get hands on experience of what it is like to own a cruising boat. They would literally pay a fee to do all the work required for us to enjoy cruising.

The program would include engine maintenance (changing oil, hoses, clamps etc), and cleaning the bilge. How many get a chance to clear calcification out of the head hoses before they actually own a boat? This is invaluable training. We would mentor them on polishing stainless steel, sanding/recoating teak and washing/ polishing fiberglass. We can certainly be gentle and encouraging supervisors. Of course we would include provisioning and give them the opportunity to prepare all of our meals in the small galley.

Maybe we could also offer a deluxe course where they learn how to mix up a variety of boat drinks and serve them on a rolling deck. Oh my, the possibilities are endless. I think the program would fill up fast so you may want to think about getting on the list early for next spring.

Preparing to resume our Great Loop Adventure

12 April 2019
Janice Nagle
splash date 5/1
Cape Charles
Chesapeake Bay
Vessel Name: Nomadic Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: 32' Island Gypsy & 36' Monaco
Crew: Janice & Steve
This adventure began in October of 2007 when Steve came to look at a boat that Janice had for sale on Craig's List. Steve wanted to learn how to sail and Janice needed a new kitchen. [...]
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Nomadic Spirit's Photos - April in Antigua
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