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Sending Blog posts to a Facebook Fan Page

As of August 1st, 2018, SailBlogs can no longer publish to your Facebook personal profile automatically as it had in the past.

The reason for this change is that some...

This is a test from the web interface

just a test to the facebook fan page.

This is a test remote post to the Facebook boat page

This is a test of the remote processor. If all goes well, this message will appear in my Facebook fan page for the boat very shortly very shortly.

Multiple Image Demo Video

The Icon Bar:

Additional information

Multiple images per post

In this video example, we'll add multiple images to a blog post using external image storage.

demo image

Demo image...

This is test entry 3 with a lat/long included

This is a blog post that includes a lat/long reference and a youtube video:

Line below video...

This is entry number 2

This is a test entry without a photograph attached.

This is my first entry

This is my first log entry.