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12 October 2016
12 October 2016
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Update and back at last

01 July 2016
Returning to Argonauta had been a long time coming.
Following a particularly difficult time post surgery culminating with my stay being 52 days in hospital, I have finally returned to Argonauta, a little battered and scarred but with a clean bill of health, cancer GONE!!!!

We are on a mooring below Taoromina where, again this time for a month Pete has been helping George, firstly putting down mooring bouts, then running the mooring field.
My initial return was staged, not because it was planned but after one night it was very roly and uncomfortable for my unfit and untoned muscles, therefore I spent 2 nights on land with Donatella.
Here after we have pottered about, me getting my sea legs and Pete ensuring the boat is fit to start sailing again.
It is amazing just how many things give up when deserted for 15 months!!!! The outboards wouldn't start, the water tank blocked and worse of all the glue on the dinghy decided that lying wrapped up for 15 months was not acceptable and sprung more than a leak. When Pete took it ashore to the dinghy repair centre they pulled the seams and it opened like a ring pull can!!!! New glue and she is good again.

So...... We hope the adventure begins again on the next few days. We will start with a sail to Rochella Ionica, where we will decide wether to keep going to Greece depending on how I am holding up.

Plans for this year, well as we all know nothing goes to plan so they are very loose. Into the Ionian then either through the Corinth canal or round the Peloponnese and into the Aegean, where we are booked to winter inn Crete.

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
As ever we welcome friends and guests with open arms.
We will update you with progress as soon as we have moved a little.
Vessel Name: Argonauta
Vessel Make/Model: Gibsea422
Hailing Port: North Fambridge, Essex, UK
Crew: Pete & Jackie Jackson
Pete & Jackie Jackson Have given up the rat race for a while to step off earth to explore the world. Jackie has left her job as manager of a care home. Whilst Pete has worked in the photo industry for 27 years. Exploring the chalenges & changes that digital images have brought. [...]
Extra: REMEMBER. In the end it's not the years in your life that count, its the life in your years.
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Who: Pete & Jackie Jackson
Port: North Fambridge, Essex, UK