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21 December 2015 | LEROS ISLAND
08 December 2015 | Athens, Greece
08 December 2015 | greece
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02 November 2015 | Greece
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21 December 2015 | LEROS ISLAND

Visit 'Leros island' with a sailing boat

08 December 2015 | Athens, Greece

Sailing in greece vs hotel

What comes to your mind when you are thinking about sailing vacation? That sailing is expensive? That someone needs special skills or knowledge? That you need a certificate? Most of the people are more familiar with the holidays in a hotel, in addition with renting a car or a bike to explore the Greek [...]

08 December 2015 | greece

Agistri sailing

19 November 2015 | Athens, Greece

11 reasons why you should book your sailing holidays in Greece in advance

That must be the time your summer holidays of 2015 has ended and possibly you are in your office in front of a computer and you read articles like "alternative sailing in Greece". That is exactly the very first good reason to start taking care of your next sailing holidays in Greece. Before your summer [...]

19 November 2015 | Athens, Greece

20 things to do while sailing (the tangled list)

One of the most common questions is if someone gets bored on a sailing boat after a while on a sailing trip. Someone who is not familiar with the sailing lifestyle is normal to wonder if he is going to be bored on a sailing trip.

02 November 2015 | Greece

Greece sailing holidays charter

What is vacation for you? Are you a history maniac? Or maybe a traveler of the world? If you were asking me, vacation is the moment when I can pause time and relax. This would probably require some more ingredients in the background but I am quite convinced that my ‘dream vacation’ is on a sailing [...]

Visit 'Leros island' with a sailing boat

21 December 2015 | LEROS ISLAND
Eugene T.

Visit 'Leros island' with a sailing boat
December 18, 2015in Dodecanese
Where to moor in Leros

Weather conditions (climate)

Where to swim

What to eat (Leros traditional)
Leros port
The island of Leros is located in the north Dodecanese, few miles south from Patmos island. Leros is separated also southley by an almost narrow sea passage to Kalymnos island.
small caves and bays
Geographically the island is characterized by small hills and countless bay areas. The most great is Lucky Bay which is the largest natural harbor in the eastern waters of Mediterranean sea.
Having this in mind, the Italians in 1932 created there, their main naval port in the Dodecanese.
More large bays: Alinda, Gourna, the bay of Vromolithos, the gulf of Partheni and Blefouti and Panteli bay.
small hills and mountainous Leros
The highest point of Leros is the Kleidi mountain (Key mountain : around 300 m approximately), other mountains in Leros, is Skoumparda and Diapori at the south and Apitiki at the east.

Alleys and streets of Leros
Nature inside the alleys of Leros

Give a try to Leros for sailing this year and you are going to understand why this article is worth it's time to write on our sailing blog.
For us, who love sailing, many small islands are scattered around Leros and can be a perfect spot to take a short splash. Some of them are St. Kiriaki and Pianousa abreast to Panteli, Archangelos in the north and Glaronisia with Leriko island between Leros and Kalymnos.
beautiful at nights
What if you could move to a place where you'd feel like you're on nature all the time?
nature of Leros

cats in the town of Leros

The island of Leros is almost green and it's inside there is a high level agricultural production. There are countless vineyards, fig trees, prickly, Gkavafes (found only in Leros). Also in many roads you can cross by eucalyptus and pine trees.

Where to moor
Ormos Lakki
Also known with the name "Porto Lago". Italians once used to occupy the area of Porto Lago, as they had their naval base located there.

There is an organised pier to moor:
Leros Marina (Evros S.A.) is nestled at the right end of Lakki bay, exactly opposite of Lakki harbor (37o 07,76" N. 26o 51,40" E). Completely protected from all kind of winds offers up to 220 berths with mooring lines, water supply and electricity. We have also to mention that they offer free high speed internet access for every berth!


Outside the organised marina, beware on the South section of the pier where is a steel rod. Generally It is not recommended to anchor in Lakki when there are Southwest and west winds as it becomes a little bit dangerous, unless you are protected inside Leros Marina (Evros S.A.) . Water and fuel are available as well as provisioning.
Food tip: There are a number of tavernas for eating out.

Ormos Partheni
This bay is located on the North side of Leros. It offers a good corner to protect from the winds especially at the night. You have to anchor on the East side as the S and SW are navy areas, so anchoring and photographs are not allowed.

Ormos Plakouti
Waiting for you at the NE coast of Leros and offers better shelter for your sailing boat, except from the days there is Northeast and easterly winds.
SOS: Be careful of the visible rocks in the middle of the bay.


A really great one bay located on the south side of Leros which offers good protection from the meltemi.

Ormos Alindas

This is a large bay too and is located on the east coast of Leros island. There is a Venetian castle on the top of the hill. If there is a meltemi in weather conditions, the bay can get more than enough rough. There is also a small mole but due to the rocky bottom it doesn't really "works". Fuel and water are available and most provisioning available near by.

A good source: Find all the informations about mooring in Leros at user generated channel:

As every greek island regulated by the Mediterranean Sea, Leros the most of the time of the year offers a very mild weather with temperatures starting from 12o celsius and 21o celsius degrees during the winter time. At the summer time the weather fluctuate between 25o and 31o degrees.
In the sailing terms, Leros is ideal especially between April and end of October. Enjoy beautiful weather conditions offering memorable sailing moments.

Best beaches of Leros

You can find the whole article here

Sailing in greece vs hotel

08 December 2015 | Athens, Greece
Eugene T.
What comes to your mind when you are thinking about sailing vacation? That sailing is expensive? That someone needs special skills or knowledge? That you need a certificate? Most of the people are more familiar with the holidays in a hotel, in addition with renting a car or a bike to explore the Greek islands. Few, really have in mind how exactly they can rent a boat, that is really affordable and that sailing vacation (especially in Greece) is a truly unique experience compared to staying in a middle budget hotel in each island they visit.

It is difficult for people with no previous sailing experience, to believe that they can rent a sailing boat, at such affordable price , almost equal for staying at a middle budget hotel . In that way they can enhance the quality of their vacation by reacting with nature and being part of a magical scenery.

In this article we can see in many ways how sailing vacation is better than staying at hotels in the greek islands and stave off boredom of traditional vacation lifestyle.

Starting from our Tripadvisor page ( tripadvisor page) many of our customers cited their unique experiences that they have lived by renting one of our boats.

“Fantastic Sailing in Greece”
fantastic sailing tripadvisor review
Really, if this team have never tried doing sailing holidays last year, would they have a fantastic vacation in Greece? As stated in the comment on tripadvisor, they knew nothing about sailing but they entered into trying it.

Parse all the reasons why you also should update your next holidays into sailing holidays:
1. The view from the room will never be such perfect as it is onboard. When you wake up at your hotel holidays, you want the view of the room to be unique and enjoy your breakfast looking at the horizon.
sailing view

On a sailing boat this is a default. You will get breakfast on deck and the view will always be there. You have choose where to anchor at night, in order to wake up in the morning and be rewarded by the view.
You want to see the sunrise? There will be! You want to have no sun? Also at your options.
2. With a sailing boat you can reach a port or a beach without waiting, searching for a parking like hundreds others or searching for a point to set up your umbrella. On a boat you can travel as far as you can in order to meet a distant and isolated beach. That what you call freedom on your vacation!easy to reach all beaches and ports
3. You have many options on how to spend your time on sailing vacation compared to traditional ways of holidays. The way you do even the most simple activities in your holidays acquires freedom. You do not have to fear that you are going to start doing something boring or something to be disappointed. All the plans are in your hand.

Here is a list of things you can do while sailing.
4. The destinations that you can access are many more compared to staying in a hotel.sailing-destinaton
In the hotel case if you do not have rent any means of transport will be difficult to see many beaches or sightseeings. You will probably need to visit constantly the same nearby.
5. You take the kitchen with you. That means if you have any requirements such as feeding the kids or baking a gourmet meal for everyone, will always be available a kitchen to do.
Have you learned a traditional recipe while islands hopping? You can buy the ingredients from a local available non gmo grocery of the island and step into the kitchen immediately and bake it.
Finally, If you choose to have a hostess on board while sailing, you can have a small meeting each day to decide what the crew would like to eat and simply deliver it to the hostess. In the hotel vacation case, you do not have the “on demand food” option.Simply select from the menu.
6. You control better your spending. As we said in the previous bullet, you can cook in the boat and save the money would be needed for all the meals and dinners in restaurants. You can also save money from the rental of car or motorbike you would need if you were in a hotel to reach all the beaches. At the sailing boat you will need only the wind.
You can save money you would spend for coffees and drinks to watch the sunset. You are 24h connected to the nature and you can have a drink on the deck staring the sunset for free.
Someone who book a hotel in a greek island it is usual to book also a tour with a boat in order to reach distant beaches that unreachable by car or bike. Thinking of the whole vacation budget we can say that this is not a negligible cost. With your own sailing boat you do not need this service, and you can enjoy your daily trips without crowding and suffering.
7. Cost value for money for deliverables. Staying in a hotel is simply to have somewhere to chuck up your belongings and enjoy the sleep after a long day of vacation. The boat story is different. You're part of the boat and you can use it as a vehicle for all your vacation wishes to come true. You are using all day the service you paid. Forget the additional cost of hiring a car and finally not to be able to reach all the spots.

Sailing gives added value and beyond financial it has experiential value.
8. Real life adventures you are going to remember. You will meet experiences that you would not be able to do by staying at hotel room. When was the last time you explored breathtaking locations not reachable by land? Sailing will help you involve with the nature and will give you an adrenaline rush many times in a day.
underwater experiences sailing

Click here to find a comparative table here.

Agistri sailing

08 December 2015 | greece
Eugene T.

Where to moor

Weather conditions in Agistri

Where to swim

What to eat (traditional)

Agkistri sailing maps and info

Part of the Saronic Gulf, Agistri, between Aegina and the Peloponnese, offers a truly quite stay to those who choose it for holidays. Thanks to the peaceful scenery, wonderful beaches and turquoise waters Agistri is a unique sailing destination.
sailing agistri island
The southwestern part of the island, west of Limenaria village with traditional taste and color, is Aponisos, one of the most picturesque corners of the entire Gulf Islands for your sailing vacation in Greece.
pine trees in agistri
The setting is idyllic, with pine trees reaching the sea, the view to impress and crystal clear waters to fascinate holidaymakers with superb color combinations.

The amazing colors combination, the sound of the waves, scent of pine, the atmosphere reminiscent of the old Greek times gone by, are some of the elements that surprise and delight those who decide to visit the full of pine trees and welcoming Agistri.

Where to moor in Agistri island
skala port
Skala port is the second one in Agistri island, along with Milos (also called Megalohori). Mooring in Skala's port is recommended only for small boats, because it is really shallow and has reefs right in front of the port's when it comes to entrance. There is area also for larger boats, but it is dedicated to the ferries only. Larger sailing boats can moor in Milos, which has a small marina.

In addition, SKALA port is not really protected and therefore we do not suggest as an anchorage. However you may anchor temporarily for some hours - and only when the sea is calm (good weather)- on the northern part of the port, next to the ferries' dock with mooring lines tied on the shore's rocks. There, the waters are transparent and you may use the tender in order to disembark on the dock.

DANGERS: As said before, there are reefs in the port's entrance

sailing agistri
sailing boats in Agistri

agistri gull flying
Dragonera beach
agistri beaches
on the rocks
Weather conditions at Agkistri

We can say that Agistri island is inside a protected area of the Saronic gulf, in that way enjoys good weather conditions almost most of the year. Winters at the Agistri ashore and sea are mild, and of course summers are really hot and dry. The winds are light and soft, most in spring and summer period.
The temperatures are reaching 20-25 degrees (calculating celsius equal to 68-78 fahrenheit) at the autumn and spring, being warm and sunny most of the time.
Finally at the summer time, the average temperature may vary between 25-31 degrees celsius (77-88 degrees fahrenheit)

Where to swim with your sailing boat

xalikiada beach agistri
Chalikiada beach
Where: 4 km south west of Megalochori
More info: This is a really large beach close to the port of Agistri, Skala. Green cliffs surround this sandy coast, that is totally unorganized.
Type of beach: Pebbled, Non Organised, Secluded, Nudism Friendly

Chalikiada beach is a unique sailing destination and you can moor temporary in order to do a splash.

Skliri beach
Where: 3 km south east of Megalochori
More info: This is a secluded bay with crystal water. Visitors have to climb down a narrow path to get to the beach, but someone who comes from the seaside can reach very easy.
Type: Pebbled, Non Organised, Secluded

Another non organised beach, really pure waiting for your sailing adventures.
Xekofti beach
Where: 1 km west of Megalochori
More info: The secluded beach of Xekofti is totally remote ideally shaped for sailing, even in high season. This is the perfect place for total privacy.
Type: Pebbled, Non Organised, Secluded

What to eat to Agkistri island

As in every greek island you can find all the greek traditional recipes. Take a taste in this article about greek food while sailing.

eat at agistri

Agistri island - Greek Holiday Paradise from Web Girl on Vimeo.

11 reasons why you should book your sailing holidays in Greece in advance

19 November 2015 | Athens, Greece
Eugene T.
That must be the time your summer holidays of 2015 has ended and possibly you are in your office in front of a computer and you read articles like "alternative sailing in Greece". That is exactly the very first good reason to start taking care of your next sailing holidays in Greece. Before your summer tan fades, it's time to start making your sailing holiday travel plans and research and book as earlier as you can.
Holidays in Greece by boat is one of most widespread ways of holidays in our country over the last years. This alone, stands for a reason that you have to find the appropriate service for renting a sailing boat in Greece and you should act immediately.
Many of those who have previously tried to do holidays in Greece by boat know how to save money by making a booking earlier and by choosing the ideal boat for them. In that way someone who has done it before, would have plenty of choices on boats available. The best boats in the best possible price are those who are going to be booked earlier.
Before you know it, summer 2016 will be here and you'll have wished you booked your boat well in advance. Check below all those reasons why you should book in advance your sailing vacation in Greece:
boat size and type

More options on boat types and sizes

Knowing from now the number of the people of your team and the mix of of your crew: children, adults, men or women would help you decide the size and the type of the boat you are going to select. The more earlier you book your boat, the more likely is to find the appropriate boat according to your needs.
So, avoid the disappointment of not finding what you are looking for and get all the best solutions in an advance search.
More likely to find cheap flight

Everybody knows that the airlines want to know in advance the completeness of their flights, and this is how you are going to take a cheaper flight ticket. Guess how: by booking a flight ticket earlier. In that way, you ensure that you have a discount on air fare for Greece and exactly the date you have choose as it is easier to find an available date.
*Last minute deals is a good choice for someone travelling by plane, but it doesn't fit in the case that you have to sync the booking of a sailing boat.
If you book earlier, you can catch a special offer

The earlier you are going to start searching for a boat to rent in Greece, the easier is to gain an offer. If someone else is going to purchase those few offers, youl have lost the opportunity to book the boat of your choice in the best price.
Set it as a savings goal

If you book in advance your sailing trip, the costs are clear. You already know the number of people on boat and what are the costs for each. You have all the time until your next sailing trip to organize and save a small amount every month. In that way you are not going to feel stressed on finding the whole amount at the last time.
You will have time to design a perfect plan for sailing in the Greek seas

Did you know that the Greek islands are countless? This makes your work on planning a little bit more difficult. By booking in advance you have all the time to redesign again and again the routes you are going to follow. So you are going to plan your activities better and maximize your time spent around your desired schedule.

If there are kids on board you have to check our blog post with suggestions on family sailing by clicking here.

Maybe interested in Bareboat sailing in Greece? Click to see our service.
bareboat sailing in greece
Greece great history

More available time for learning the history of Greece (and sightseeing study)

The country you are going to visit, Greece, has a great history including politics, war, culture, art, film and music. Book early sailing and start studying of. Also create a list of the monuments you are going to visit in the Greek islands during your greek islands hopping.
Do not worry if you miss many of the sights, you are going to visit Greece again and again, for sure.

More meetings with the crew

All these weeks that elapses before the trip dates to Greece, starting from today, is the best opportunity to gather the crew on Saturday nights and plan your excursions in the Greek islands during your sailing trip. That will help know each other better.
The females of the crew can start to organize what to wear in the alleys of the greek islands and the male crew what sports to do in the greek seas, like diving or snorkeling. Both can say stories to the kids about Greece and what to expect.
If you regret for something, you can change it

If you finally book early your boat in Greece, and you see plans changing, you have all the time to reverse your options on dates or the size of the sailing boat, if for example someone canceled. This flexibility arising with the early booking.

greek island hopping

You will have something to wait for

Within the remaining time until your next sailing holidays, you are constantly having in mind that a new adventure is out there awaits with the Greek islands. Use it as an escape from your everyday life and make little plans for every single day of your holidays. How many beaches are you going to visit? How many icecreams are you going to eat?
Give the opportunity to us to deliver you our best services

By booking earlier you give us the possibility and flexibility to provide you with the best possible services. We are going to have the time to organize better the services we have promised.
Have a piece of mind

If all above are solved, you will not have nothing to consider about. Everything is going to be organized in a unique way and you are going to have nothing to worry.

It is time to check our yachts and decide in advance which feet your case. Click save time and money.

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20 things to do while sailing (the tangled list)

19 November 2015 | Athens, Greece
Eugene T.
One of the most common questions is if someone gets bored on a sailing boat after a while on a sailing trip. Someone who is not familiar with the sailing lifestyle is normal to wonder if he is going to be bored on a sailing trip.

Some say that boredom is the single biggest threat to the sailing dream but the reality is a little bit different. When you actually get on board you are going to understand by yourself that you are going to look for more time than more things to do.

We had so many suggestions to do about spending your time on a sailing boat but we stopped at 20. By reading the whole article you are going to understand that the suggestions can be countless and we could add another hundred easily. Also that the list is tangled although we kept the most exciting for the end.

If you are scared or really bored of doing things like boat maintenance we can provide a skipper and a hostess, so keep only the exciting suggestions of this article.

Check the infinite tangled list:

Keep your cabins clean.
We know, it is not the most pleasant thing to do at your holidays, but if you feel bored sometimes, it is actually a good way of saving time to clean and organise your personal stuff. The life on boat after that would be more comfortable.
check that unique pinterest board, about sail boat organization we found

Organise your meals.
First you have to check your stocks on food and ingredients. If something is missing, you have to create a list and then go for shopping in the first available port. If you have children onboard you have to think twice your meals schedule and not to forget a thing.

Read your favorite books.
Make a list before the sailing trip, including the book you wanted to read during the winter. You can do it now, you would have all the time. Buy or download at your tablet the books and take them onboard.

To do that, you need to book earlier and have the time to organise all similar lists...
Learn how to read the sailing maps and compass.
Ask someone (maybe the skipper if exists) to show you how to read the sailing maps, how to use the compass and what are the principles of sailing. If you learn the basics, that would help you understand how is the process and how to interact with.

Practice on splicing and rope knots.
You can also ask the skipper to show the most known boating knots and how to splicing in order to help him.
Check this site too:

Write on your blog.
Remember that old blog you started once and was really important those days? Open it again. Log in and start writing your daily adventures. Do not forget to upload a bunch of photos you captured all day. Then share it on your social media accounts.

Inspect the sails.
Are they loaded correctly? Maybe they are quite worn? If so, you should take care of them directly. In a potential strong wind if the rags are worn will be torn!

Create a message in a bottle.
message in a bottle
Write a message, put it in a bottle and throw it in the sea. If you have something in your mind and you have not told to anyone, it is the right opportunity to say it. It is a kind of psychotherapy. It is like you say it on a stranger but you do not have a clue when he is going to read it. It is a unique feeling!

Clean out the raw water filter.
Or help the skipper to do in case he needs it or to show you how to do it.

Check the anchoring rope.
In case of being damaged you should replace it or to tell someone who is responsible to do it immediately . It would be late when the anchor will not be found.

Play a bit of guitar.
learn guitar while sailing
You do not play any instrument? Someone between your crew maybe has the time to learn you how to scratch a guitar. If you do not have any physical instrument like a guitar or a mini piano, you can download an emulator on your ipad, i bet you own.
Caution! The boat interior is small enough for bad music. Do not try it inside, you need your crew relations in a good health. :-)

Check the weather in a daily basis.
Another key element on sailing is the weather. You can spend a lot of time to check the weather for the next day or the whole week. How? You can check the weather online. There are many websites for sailing weather in Greece. Or you can download an app for your mobile or tablet for real time check.

If you are on a bareboat sailing in Greece, this is important and you can double check with a local public port service.
sailing yoga in Greece
Do yoga on board.
Yes! You have everything you need, to focus on a yoga session. You have all the sun to salout all over the deck. You have clean air and an absolute calm atmosphere.
It is more different to do yoga while sailing, as it is more challenging, fun and empowering.

Clean the deck.
Do it like the pirates we always watch at the movies cleaning the deck. Certainly you have to give attention to the wooden parts in order not to remain the salt. The vinegar can help you clean better on this!

Write a postcard from each Greek island you visit.
greek postcards
While doing the islands hopping in Greece buy, write and send a postcard to your relatives back to your country. If you do not want to get tired with physical mail, take a photo of the postcard and send them by email or share them on facebook or instagram.
In real time, your close friends will be informed about your sailing adventure in Greece or Greek sightseeing.

Learn about the stars.
At night when you're pretty tired from day passed, you can sit on the deck with your friends and learn for the stars. There are proper books with the names of the stars or information online to help you to learn the names of stars. Also there are mobile applications that accordingly on how you move your hand, the camera will show you the designation of the stars. Like these:

Sky map:
Star tracker:

And more you can find here:

Start a morning run.
Run early on the mornings when you are moored at an island port. A short walk or a little jogging will help you start your day with pleasure and will give you the chance to know the island more better.

Cook greek traditional recipes on the boat.
If you do not have a hostess on board, you can ask the locals for traditional recipes of each island. Then you can buy the fresh and bio ingredients in a grocery or a butcher shop in the island and start cooking the greek traditional recipes. Do it also alogn with the kids. They are going to love the whole procedure of purchasing the ingredients and create from start a recipe.

If you want to know from now the most known greek recipes find a relevant article here:

Have a drink on the deck of your boat.
And feel like you are on a local bar of the island.

Get a Tan - The Mediterranean way
tanning while sailing in greece

It's the right situation where you can get the best tan. Do not forget to put sun protect oil during the sunbathing and some extra virgin olive oil after.

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Greece sailing holidays charter

02 November 2015 | Greece
What is vacation for you? Are you a history maniac? Or maybe a traveler of the world? If you were asking me, vacation is the moment when I can pause time and relax. This would probably require some more ingredients in the background but I am quite convinced that my ‘dream vacation’ is on a sailing yacht. It is true I am not a mountain lover and I have always been a fan of the Greek islands but the calmness sea can provide is unique and amazing.
Look around you, see the world, meet the Greek islands. With a different way!
If you are in search of vacation that will make you feel more alive, if your imaginary place to be, is full of colors, sun, nature and sea. If you are triggered by emotions such as smelling the salty wind while the sunset dives into the sea, then sail a yacht with We are your friend in Greece. Created by people with pure emotions and love for the sea for everyone that want to come and visit the Greek islands with style and safety onboard one of our sailing yachts or catamarans.
There is no doubt that yacht charter in Greece offers the ultimate freedom and independence. Here you will experience steady breeze and constant sun waving above you, while sailing. These are the top conditions for relaxed and predictable sailing vacation. Greece offers thousands of locations with unrivalled beauty to choose from. There are almost 2500 islands from which only 500 are inhabited. With a large number of Greek islands there are different locations with unique characteristics.
There is a top destination for everyone. Whether you seek for calm seas and green waters or you are a more adventurous spirit, Greece is here to dominate all your senses. The turquoise waters of the Ionian, the calm sea of the Saronic and Argolic gulf, the spicy atmosphere of the Aegean with the wild scenery as a background, or the celebration of nature in the Sporades area. These are few of the countless possibilities yacht charter in Greece has to offer.
A holiday in Greece consists of combined images with idyllic views, sandy beaches, spicy-looking ruins and of course turquoise waters of the surrounding sea.
Vacation in Greece gives you the total freedom to choose between beautiful landscapes of the mainland if you are looking to visit Greece in the winter, but most of all the ability to visit the famous Greek islands and enjoy the friendliness of the Greek people.
Greece is a popular tourist destination, would dare to say the most popular in the Med. It is perfect for families with children that want to relax, swim and enjoy the friendliness of the Greek people. In Greece you will find sandy beaches, clear and blue waters while the diversity of the landscape is present to all of the islands. Sailing vacation in Greece is perfect for combining relaxing and activities (if you like to) at the same time. Our skippers will be happy to show you in detail what sailing is all about and how you could use the power of nature to move from one island to another. See our skippered section for details in our weekly skippered sailing cruises. Personally I believe that sailing is a great asset for children since they get to know physics in practice. In addition, coming closer to nature, has always been helpful for everyone and inspiring as well. Most of the children will always have something to stay occupied with during sailing but most of all they will learn how to sail and navigate a sailing yacht. I would suggest to parents to select some of the extras that can be ordered onboard such as stand up paddles or inflatable canoes so when the yacht is moored you will have interesting toys for our younger friends but for those of you who are active you would surely workout well!
We have weekly sailing packages to fit all pockets (skippered or bareboat)and we strongly suggest you to examine all of your options if you consider visiting Greece for your holiday. We have made a detailed comparison to prove that sailing vacation in Greece is by far more affordable than renting a typical hotel, not considering the huge difference in what you actually get for your money if you choose to go on a sailing cruise. Check the detailed comparison here.
Either experienced or beginner, active or lazy we have the trip that will be fit to your profile. Our sailing yachts and catamarans are fully equipped and carefully maintained so your vacation in Greece will be a memory of a lifetime. The proof of our quality has the stamp of the Lloyds registry! Our yachts are carefully inspected yearly and certified by the Lloyds registry in Greece. Not to mention that we have an in-house technical department that has the ability to examine and certify everything in detail between our sailing cruises.
When it all comes down on the question where to sail most of you may be familiar with Mykonos and Santorini. It is true that these beauties are two of the most famous islands in the world. Mykonos is called the ‘island of the winds’. While Mykonos maybe one of the most beautiful islands in the world for your vacation and Santorini will make your holiday an experience of a lifetime, there are numerous Greek islands of equal beauty and sometimes more unspoiled that will make your heart beat. The lesser known islands are equally beautiful and at the same time more unspoiled and potentially interesting. The so called central Cyclades consist of Paros, Naxos, Antiparos and the complex of Koufonisia (Pano and Kato Koufonisi). If you are looking for absolute jewels of beaches with golden sand and at the same time crystal waters with a mix of green and blue color surrounding inhabited coves and sharp cliffs you have come to THE place. You will be amazed with the number of locations that you should be visiting while exploring these islands. To my opinion the best vacation in order to combine visiting all the hotspots but at the same time also to navigate into these amazing bays is with a sailing cruise in Greece. There are unlimited options if you choose to spend your sailing holidays in Greece onboard one of our sailing yachts or catamarans.
However please pay attention to the following: We have many guests arriving in Athens and are determined to go to Mykonos no matter what. I always advise that the best vacation is a combination of weather and location. The most beautiful place that you see in a picture if it is combined with a strong wind will not give you the result you have in mind. There are equally beautiful and interesting islands to visit during your sailing holiday in Greece that will add up to the best vacation of a lifetime. Listen to our advise..
An additional reason why you should be choosing Athens for your departure is the above. In Athens you always have the choice to either visit the Cyclades as planned or to visit the Saronic and Argolic gulf if by accident the wind is really strong. Saronic gulf will give you the freedom of calm seas and lower sea waves (due to the land that stops the sea to create big waves) plus the beauty of hundreds of isolates coves to drop an anchor and relax.
We would suggest you to take our advice under consideration and rely on our experience to deliver the vacation of a lifetime. We have been offering sailing tours for your sailing holidays in Greece for almost 2 decades now and we will continue to do so. Your vacation moments are our fragile project and we will handle with care, efficiency and happy faces.
Visit Greece with the Yachtsailing.GR team and meet the Greek islands with our unique sailing approach! We hope to see you onboard soon!
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