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21 September 2015 | Dalmatia

Sailing in Dalmatia

21 September 2015 | Dalmatia
Croatia is a Mediterranean country, widely known as one of the best and most popular sailing destinations in the world. When you're visiting Croatia, chartering a sailboat, and sailing through numerous Croatian Islands is an absolute must! Dalmatia is Croatia's most southern region, and home to numerous islands, bays and ports.

Where to go?

The Adriatic Sea has some of the most wonderful scenery! Take, for example, the famous beach located in Bol, Brač island, which is often seen on Croatian tourist brochures, named "Zlatni rat" or "Golden cape for its specific shape and structure.

If you're a little more adventurous, you can try sailing a bit more "open " Waters and visit Vis, Korčula or the southern part of Hvar Island, and gaze upon the majestic rocks and cliffs of Sveta Nedilja, upon which lie some of the best Croatian vineyards.

Then again if you are very adventurous you can sail to some of our furthest islands, such as Palagruža. This small island far out in the Adriatic is its most isolated gem, branded as far back as the Greek empire as the Dionysius Island, for its relaxing nature. Palagruža will give you the best sense of Isolation so it's a great place to sail to and relax for a little.

If you'd like to explore the Adriatic coast, there's something there for you too. You can drop your anchor in some of the world famous Dalmatian cities, such as Split, Zadar, Šibenik and Dubrovnik which are among the most visited tourist destination in the world. You can visit museums, forts and old Roman and Greek ruins, learn about Croatia's rich culture, and while you're there try some of our local specialties.
Dalmatian kitchen is highly regarded in the culinary world for it is healthy and rich with fresh tastes, gained with the use of well known Mediterranean condiments such as olive oil, oregano and rosemary.

When to go?

The Adriatic is a bay of the Mediterranean Sea, and being a bay it's relatively shallow waters have become a favorite of many sailors worldwide. Taking into consideration its geographical position in the southern or southeastern part of Europe, its climate allows perfect sailing conditions for the most or in worst case the better part of the year.

However, the most perfect sailing, and cruising conditions here are the spring summer and autumn time. That's when the temperatures are at the highest and the water is warm enough for a swim or a dive, and numerous more water activities. The summer, of course, or more specifically august trough early September, is the most perfect time to go sailing. Other than the water temperature, that's the time of the year when Croatia gets a thermal, "maestral" wind which is perfect for smooth sailing. If you prefer less company when you sail, meaning less boats on the water, and a stronger feeling of remoteness, and are more about exploring the food and culture than swimming and sunbathing, you might want to consider sailing in the autumn.
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