09 August 2013 | Islamorada, Florida Keys
19 May 2013 | Sara Bay Marina
12 May 2013 | Jew Fish Key, Bradenton Beach FL

Settling in the Keys!!!

09 August 2013 | Islamorada, Florida Keys
The Krew's Mommy
Well, it's been officially four weeks since our boat landed here on the dock in the beautiful Florida Keys! We have settled into quite a routine... relaxation, lack of stress, and lots of much needed restoration!  We are so excited to see what each day brings here, and really looking forward to each opportunity that arises!
Paul is working for a local plumbing company here in order for us to fund the refit of our new Morgan 33 Classic... and I am in preparation for the upcoming school year! This will be my first year homeschooling the "Krew", but they're both excited to start school... and so is Mommy!!!  This next year will hold some of our greatest memories...this is the start of our life of cruising! One year in the Keys, refitting our boat, and watching our dreams become a reality!
I've contacted a local Girl Scout troop in the area and will be enrolling Autumn into the troop in September! This will give her an opportunity to meet other children her age and begin building some friendships here! It's also a good way for mommy to make some new friends as well!  As for Ayden, I'm still up in air... I can't decide between T-ball, and soccer! I have some time before season starts...so I'll be fine!
Paul is applying for his Captains license while we're here as well! He has most of his sea time, but he has a few classroom hours he still needs to take. We are quite sure that a USCG captains license with a sailing endorsement will be of value during our life of cruising!  He has made it clear that he doesn't want to continue his plumbing trade! We will be dependent on our professional scuba diving career statuses, and his captain's license for work as we cruise!
Well, that is what's happening for now... I will continue to post as we dive into our new life here in the Florida Keys!!! 
Vessel Name: Autumn's Wind
Vessel Make/Model: Bruce Rober
Hailing Port: Islamorada, Florida Keys
About: Autumn age 7 is Miss Drama... Ayden age 4 is Mr. Adventure!!!! Together they make for an interesting pair! We call them the "Krew"!!! We couldn't imagine setting out for a voyage without them...they seriously make this life what it is!!!! :)
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Port: Islamorada, Florida Keys