Sailing Danica

We will be adding to our blog as we sail from Turkey to St Lucia in the Caribbean in 2018 and with the World ARC 2019/2020 from St. Lucia to St. Lucia

Goodbye Galapagos - Thanks for the Memories

06 March 2019
Glen and Mary Wilson
Goodbye Galapagos - Thanks for the Memories
March 6, 2019

Our departure day to French Polynesia has arrived. This morning the Puerto Ayora anchorage is busy with water taxis taking people on shore for the last-minute errands. The ARC fleet boats are preparing their sails for the long passage to Hiva-Oa. It is funny how much excitement generates a fleet departure. Having a set start time adds to some anxiety, which disappears when we cross the start line. Glen has polished Danica's hauls. I could not believe how much algae growth happened in just a couple of weeks.
The Skipper's briefing on Monday outlined the scope of the 3000 NM long passage. By the end of this month we will put our feet in sand on a very distant shore and encounter another culture. I am looking forward to the Taste of French Polynesia. I feel so lucky and privileged to be able to discover whole new worlds, amazing places and wonderful people I only saw on National Geographic before. The Taste of Galapagos with their unique marine life and delightful birds will never leave me. Last night I picked up a silk, hand painted pillow at the Art Gallery in Puero Ayora to remind me of the amazing snorkeling on Isabela Island.
Will touch base again at the end of the month. Keep us in your prayers... Fair winds

Santa Cruz - Last few days in Galapagos

04 March 2019
Glen and Mary Wilson
Galapagos Islands - Santa Cruz

Today is Monday, March 4, 2019. Yesterday Captain went on another dive on Santa Cruz island. I stayed on Danica, posted lots of photos on our blog and made sure we were prepared for the fuel delivery. A water taxi with a driver and Suzanna from the ARC's team stopped by our boat around 11 am. We filled all the jugs and topped Danica's fuel tank. In the evening, before the Happy Hour at the Hernan's, we dropped a couple of bags of laundry. Gemma from Aurora B organized the "ARC Ladies" dinner at Lemon and Coffee restaurant which was great. Afterwards, Captain and I spent a wonderful evening with Jim and Mary from Lake Tahoe on Danica. We will definitely visit their Ranch in California. What a delightful couple.
Today's itinerary includes Glen's haircut, picking up the laundry and buying some more fruit and vegetables for the long journey to Hiva- Oa in Marquesas. In the evening we will attend the World ARC prize giving ceremony and dinner in addition to the Skippers' meeting which will outline the next leg of the journey from Santa Cruz to Hiva-Oa in French Polynesia. The World ARC fleet will set sails on a 2980 NM passage at 12:00 noon on Wednesday.
Tomorrow we will join Laura and Lars from SV Sweet Dreams on a glass bottom boat tour around Santa Cruz island. I am looking forward to touch base with this charming couple.
Before we leave, I plan to post another album of the activities in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz island. Over the upcoming 3-4 weeks' passage I will send our progress to the World's ARC website for posting. The summary of the Pacific Ocean passage will be added to our blog as soon as we get a decent internet connection - Late March or early April ?? Stay tuned.

The Taste of Galapagos - Isabela Island

03 March 2019
Glen and Mary Wilson
The Taste of Galapagos - Isabela Island

Cabo Rosa/ Los Tuneles
Cerro Negro and Volcan Chico Volcanoes

On Friday morning, Captain and I took an early two hour "ferry ride" to the Isabela island. The Galapagos Ferry service ain't nothing like our BC Ferries. We boarded a beaten 25 passenger Albany speed boat with a mountain of luggage and a fellow in a wheelchair. The ride to Isabela island was very smooth compared to the Saturday's return trip when the speed of the boat over the waves felt like a wild rollercoaster ride with sudden drops that were especially bad for anyone with back problems. About halfway back to Santa Cruz the boat came to a sudden stop. The captain came down from the helm and spent some time in the WC because he became sea sick. All the passengers fared better but many of us wondered why he would not reduce the speed a bit to make the trip enjoyable for everyone.
On Isabela island we booked two tours. On Friday morning we were picked up at the ferry terminal by a lovely lady Gabriela. She made sure we arrived to the Galapagos hotel, an attractive, clean and authentic place. We grabbed a quick breakfast at a small café and by 11am we were on our way to Cabo Rosa/ Los Tuneles by a small speed boat for an unbelievable snorkeling experience. Cabo Rosa features a unique landscape on the edge of the ocean. The collapsed lava has created many magical tunnels and bridges with an abundant wildlife. We posed with blue footed Boobies, swam with giant sea turtles, got a glimpse of sharks and admired lovely sea horses in their beautiful habitat. Our boat captain navigated through the channels like a real pro. I took many photos and I hope I captured a taste of Isabela island and Los Tuneles as much as possible. On the snorkeling tour we met Jim and Mary from California. They invited us to join them for dinner at Coco Surf restaurant. We enjoyed a very tasty risotto dish. Tonight, they will join us on Danica for a risotto a la Mary. I hope they will like it.
The second tour on Saturday was to Cerro Negro and Volcan Chico Volcaneos. We were picked up by the guide around 7am. A pick-up truck took us to the green foothills of this super volcano. The guide explained more about the recent volcano activities in the area. Glen and I joined another couple from Corsica, France on the horseback ride to the volcano. Riding through the green fields and plantations on an old horse who needed no guidance was my take on a perfect day. The cloudy morning cooled the air and it took us about an hour to reach the area where we joined the hikers for a 9km trek to a recent lava field. Again, I hope that the pictures tell more than a thousand words. I plan to post two Gallery albums from the Isabela island since each experience was very unique and special. Enjoy !!

The Taste of Galapagos- Santa Cruz

28 February 2019
Glen and Mary Wilson
The Taste of Galapagos- Santa Cruz

We have arrived to Santa Cruz island yesterday afternoon. The Puerto Ayora anchorage is quite crowded but we found a spot behind the SV Chanto and close to SV Babsea. Today, my Captain and I took a tour to the the Cerro Mesa Ecological Reserve and had a fantastic horseback ride to the volcano - lush green landscape with butterflies, birds and giant turtles makes this island quite a bit different from San Cristobal. We also visited Adriano Cabrera coffee plantation and processing establishment and tasted El Trapiche - Cane Liquor, roasted coffee beans with homemade sugar and of course their coffee. Very different process from the last coffee plantation in Colombia.
We had a big storm again this afternoon which gave me a perfect excuse to check out the local spa for a little TLC.
Glen has signed up for another dive tour tomorrow which will give me a chance to catch up on housework and getting the boat ready for a long passage to Marquesses. We plan to spend Friday and Saturday on Isabela island and visit their famous volcano on a horseback. A two hour ferry ride from Santa Cruz is better option than motoring there with our own boat. I am looking forward to the trip and will post the photos when we get back on Sunday.

The Taste of Galapagos- San Cristobal

26 February 2019
Glen and Mary Wilson
The Taste of Galapagos - San Cristobal

San Cristobal Island was our first stop in the Galapagos islands. We have crossed the finish line at 16:08 on Thursday evening and were greeted by the World ARC fleet in the Puerto Baquerizo Moreno as we tried to find a suitable spot to anchor. We flew the yellow quarantine flag until the next morning when the agent brought a Water Taxi full of Ecuadorian officials. Eleven in total. The diver jumped into the water to inspect Danica's bottom. The rest of the crew made themselves at home in the cockpit and at Galley table. Everyone was busy filling out various papers pertaining to their areas of expertise. Danica is generally a pop free zone, but I stocked up on Coca Cola and Ginger Ale before crossing the Panama Canal. By the time we were able to lower our yellow flag, I managed to bring a smile with a sugary delight of pop and cookies to some serious officials. Glen impressed everyone when he brought up his Captain's stamp to ink the signatures both ways. This was our first taste of the Galapagos. The World ARC yellow shirts staff are truly worth their weight in gold. They tirelessly cater to the boats in the fleet, making sure everyone's needs are met. Victor went as far as helping the Water Taxi driver with the garbage collection from the ARC boats. We are connecting with fellow cruisers during late afternoon happy hours. Exploring the Galapagos with new friends on various tours offers more bonding opportunities.
Glen took a diving tour to the Kicker Rock on Saturday. He enjoyed the sharks and creatures that I tend to stay away from. I stayed on Danica and was able to post photos from the last passage on my blog, thanks to the new SIM card.
On Sunday we had lots of fun on the guided land tour of the San Cristobal island organized by the ARC. We had a beautiful hike to the top of the volcano and walked around the El Junco fresh water Lagoon which provides a special habitat for many bird species. Later we visited a tortoise sanctuary and breeding center Galapaguera whose aim is to repopulate the natural areas of San Cristobal. The final stop of the day was on Puerto Chino beach where we saw blue footed Boobies and their nesting areas. Many people enjoyed swimming in the bay next to the birds diving for food. On the way back to the parking area we got soaked in the warm thunderstorm. The rain evoked the earthy smell from the vegetation near the paved path. I took a photo of a tiny yellow bird sitting on a cactus and eating a butterfly. Our bus driver treated us to a cool watermelon to sweeten the day's excursion.
Monday was another fantastic day. We joined Gorm and Maren from SV Nica on a 360' guided boat tour around the island of San Cristobal. The boat stopped in three beautiful places for snorkeling and I posted photos in the Gallery. I am not very keen of getting my face in the water and invading into lives of water creatures, but since we are in Galapagos, I figured, what the heck.....Well, perhaps I should have listened to my instincts;
The first stop was supposed to be in some amazing lagoon where one can even see sharks if they are lucky. I took my time putting on the wet suit, and fins, and mask and licked the lenses a couple of times before they finally defogged. Beautiful orange crabs were crawling all around us and I wonder if they are related to scorpions. They looked friendly when keeping distance, but now I was to trespass their territory to wobble into the green water. No one bit me. I was following the group and heard their "ohs" and "ahs", but the fish I saw were pale in comparison to the ones my former manicurist has in her fish tank. Watching the yellow and blue fish was relaxing whereas this was just hard work and not that comfortable. I sincerely hoped not to be lucky enough to come across a shark, no matter how friendly they are supposed to be. As I was contemplating what to do if I do encounter one, it started to rain and the thunder with lightning was all around us. My subconsciousness was screaming: "This is crazy, you do not want to exit this world by being electrocuted. The original plan of dying in my sleep without pain has not changed and my time was not supposed to be up either." I signaled to the guide that I was out of the lagoon on the quickest path possible. Maren, my friend was so kind to swim with me back to where we thought we should go, but on the way back we caught up with the rest of the group. The storm has passed and everyone made it back to the boat safe and sound.
Because of the storm, the landscape became multidimensional and the white beaches against dark clouds were amazingly beautiful. And then the pods of dolphins came into view and the captain of the boat made a few donuts around the dolphins and they jumped out of the water and played with the waves. I felt like a child that was given a toy after a bruise. The fear of lightening and thunder was over and we had nice lunch of rice, fish and a salad. After lunch we stopped at another beautiful sandy beach in Rosa Blance Bay. The sun was shining by then and snorkeling off the sandy beach was actually a pretty nice experience. I saw an odd fish and being in the water was enjoyable and cooling.
The last snorkeling stop was at the famous Kicker Rock where Glen went diving a couple of days earlier. As the rest of the group were putting on their wet suits, I just smiled. This senora had plenty of snorkeling for a day. Fast currents in sharks' habitat, not my cup of tea. I changed into dry clothes, combed my hair and put on some lipstick to ensure everyone, including myself, that life is good. Everyone returned back and we motored for about an hour back to the Puerto Moreno where Danica was anchored.
The thunderstorm that we experienced when snorkeling in the lagoon brought lots of rain to the Puerto Moreno. As we were returning to the dock, the water in the bay was brown from the soil sediment from the hills above the town. When we finally boarded our boat after the ARC's happy hour at the hotel, I noticed that the cushions and the cockpit carpet were soaked. And so was our bed. Before we left in the morning, I closed the hatches in the Galley and in the halls, but Glen thought that some ventilation would be fine and I left the side port above our bed slightly open. The water soaked through the mattresses all the way into the bedding and clothes storage under the bed. We were happy that the guest bedroom was dry and we crashed there for the next couple of days while the mattresses are drying in the cockpit.
As I am writing this, we are sailing at about 4 knots towards the island of Santa Cruz. I am looking forward to explore this island, but from now on I will close all the portals or hatches when we are away.
Enjoy the photos in the Gallery !!!

From Las Perlas, Panama to Galapagos

23 February 2019
Glen and Mary Wilson
From Las Perlas Islands, Panama to Galapagos, Ecuador

860 nm - 151 hours- 57.9 motoring/93.1 sailing
Friday, February 15, 2019 - Thursday, February 21, 2019

The passage from Las Perlas islands, Panama to Galapagos was less challenging than what Captain and I became accustomed to. The ARC Fleet started the rally on Friday, February 15th with very light winds that became stronger in the afternoon. On Saturday evening we reached the high-pressure area and we started motoring through the night under a starry sky. I love the night watches in those calm conditions, but Captain started to calculate how much fuel we would require to get to our destination. On Sunday morning the wind picked up again and we more or less sailed our way to the Galapagos with plenty of fuel left upon our arrival.
We encountered squalls during Monday night and zig-zagged away from the dark clouds as much as possible. On Tuesday evening a flock of blue beak Boobies found Danica to be a perfect mode of homebound transportation. Sixteen, yes 16 of these beautiful birdies landed on our railings and hitched a midnight ride across the Equator. This was a great occasion for a little party. I found a bottle of St. Lucia's rum and poured a good measure for the famous Neptune. I washed the bottle and wrote a 3am inspired message to throw into the ocean as we crossed the fine line between the north and south hemisphere. Unlike the Captain, I am never bored on long passages. I am fascinated by birds and dolphins, waves and clouds, amazing sunsets and welcomed sunrises. The smell of the ocean changes and I try to imprint those experiences into my soul so I will never forget this amazing experience. Keeping an eye on the sleeping boobies entertained me throughout my night watch from 2-5am. The feathers from birds' grooming were flying all over the cockpit in the morning breeze. Captain was not impressed with the amount of poop he had to clean after the party. I do not know what these creatures eat, but the poop stained the white deck. It brings warm memories of the Equator crossing to me, but Captain put a ban for all feathered passengers on Danica since that experience. He added seals to the ban list after we got home last night from dinner in town and found two seals nesting on Danica's steps. They would not allow us to board on that side of the boat. That was just too much!!!!
Welcome to Galapagos.... I was singing to myself as I was cleaning the white fiberglass this morning. The culprit seals were swimming between Danica's hauls and wondered if the rules changed when Captain is away. The answer was a definite a NO.
Captain Wilson took a day off to go diving with sharks and other amazing marine animals that do not stain white fibreglass. We have signed for a land tour of San Cristobal island tomorrow and a boat tour with snorkeling stops around the San Cristobal on Monday. On Tuesday we will sail to the island of Santa Cruz from where we will depart to Marquesses on March 6.
I got a decent SIM card yesterday and it looks like I will be able to share the taste of Galapagos in a timely manner. Enjoy the photos in the Gallery!!!
Vessel Name: Danica I
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine Pajot Belize 43, Maestro, Catamaran
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Crew: Glen and Mary
Glen, the Captain, has sailed cruising mono-hulls for 35 years in the Pacific Northwest including: three circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, senior crew on a vessel delivery from Victoria to San Francisco, sailed around Fiji and north Futuna Island and back. [...]
TRACKING MAP : Https:// Danica means 'Morning Light' in Slovenian. Our sailing adventure began in July, 2018 in Marmaris, Turkey. We have reached the Gibraltar on September 1st and the Canary Island of Lanzarote on September 12. Crossing the Atlantic with the ARC 2018 from [...]
Danica I 's Photos - Main
Yesterday we had Skippers' meeting with the briefing for the Leg 4 from the Galapagos to Hiva Oa - French Polynesia. It will be a long journey of about 3000 NM. We also had a Leg 3 prize giving ceremony and wonderful fleet dinner. I am happy to report that Danica placed second in the multi haul division, behind Hanna and ahead of Mango. Sweet Dreams won the Blue Jacket. Today we spent most of the day with Laura and Lars, first on the glass bottom boat trip and later on we enjoyed lovely dinner on the waterfront.
60 Photos
Created 6 March 2019
Amazing tour to one of Isabela's volcanoes. 99% of Isabela Island is in a protected area - National Park- unspoiled rugged place with abundant wildlife - we enjoyed seeing many bird species on the way to the volcano.
44 Photos
Created 3 March 2019
Our first tour to Cabo Rosa/ Los Tuneles was a truly amazing snorkeling experience. We saw sea horses, giant sea turtles, sleeping sharks , Galapagos penguins and colorful rainbow fish that look a lot like the ones I admired in my Manicurist's aquarium. For this underwater show I did not mind getting my hair wet.
67 Photos
Created 3 March 2019
Today, my Captain and I took a tour to the the Cerro Mesa Ecological Reserve and had a fantastic horseback ride to the volcano - lush green landscape with butterflies, birds and giant turtles makes this island quite a bit different from San Cristobal. We also visited Adriano Cabrera coffee plantation and processing establishment and tasted El Trapiche - Cane Liquor, roasted coffee beans with homemade sugar and of course their coffee. Very different process from the last coffee plantation in Colombia. We had a big storm again this afternoon which gave me a perfect excuse to check out the local spa for a little TLC.
64 Photos
Created 28 February 2019
So far we have spent two full days in San Cristobal. On Friday morning we welcomed eleven officials to complete stacks of paperwork in order to make sure we are fit to spend some fine time on these lovely islands. Glen impressed everyone by producing his official Captain's stamp and inked every piece of paper that was put in front of him. The diver checked the hulls on Danica, a couple of officials scanned the Galley and the state room. One lady examined the first aid kit and another fellow checked the flares. All the papers from the blue folder, including our passports and boat papers were checked twice and everything was in order. On Saturday Glen took a diving excursion to Kicker Rock which is famous for various marine animals, including sharks. I spent a day updating the blog and we had a lovely sushi dinner with MJ and JF from Cassiopee and their friends Tracey and Dan after a happy hours with the World ARC crews at the hotel.
26 Photos
Created 23 February 2019
We are preparing for an 850 NM journey to Galapagos and then on March 6th, a 2980 NM passage to Hiva- Oa in Marquesas. This will be our longest passage - just a bit longer than crossing the Atlantic a couple of months ago. We spent a couple of days on Taboga island in Panama and a couple of days anchored in Contadora Island from where we left to Galapagos. Photos of Contadora island- very lovely place.
54 Photos
Created 23 February 2019
This 860 nm passage included sixteen Boobies taking a night trip on Danica across the Equator - welcome to the magical Galapagos Islands
98 Photos
Created 23 February 2019
75 Photos
Created 10 February 2019
Danica's 24 hour journey from the Shelter Bay Marina on the Atlantic side of Panama to LaPlayita Marina on the Pacific Ocean. Great experience.
73 Photos
Created 6 February 2019
Today is the day. Danica is scheduled to join the second transit group for the Panama Canal crossing. The ARC staff have been briefing the fleet regularly and we are expected to do some more tweaking this morning when we receive lines and fenders.
18 Photos
Created 5 February 2019
40 Photos
Created 2 February 2019
A short passage from the West Lemon Island to the Shelter Bay Marina, Colon. We enjoyed a great 12 hour sail. Danica is scheduled to transit the Panama Canal on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
17 Photos
Created 1 February 2019
82 Photos
Created 30 January 2019
ARC dinner and prize giving ceremony in the beautiful Club Santa Marta. Delicious food, nice entertainment by local dancers and prizes for the winners: Chubby Bunny, Aurora B, Sky, Cabana, Mango, Manihi and Seaside. Well done..... Our departure to San Blas was delayed by two days and we had more time to explore downtown.
27 Photos
Created 22 January 2019
Danica's crew enjoyed a day tour to the Sierra Nevada mountains.
58 Photos
Created 21 January 2019
This album contains photos from our first two days in Santa Marta. The ARC team organized a bus tour around the City on Friday. We visited the Gold Museum as well as a Hacienda where Simon Bolivar who is credited for the Colombian independence lived for some time and is buried there. On Saturday we spent a day in Bahia Concha in Tayrona National Park. Beautiful beaches, shaded trees, swimming and visiting with fellow ARC sailors and a fantastic BBQ meal added another string of great memories to the Taste of Santa Marta and Colombia
63 Photos
Created 21 January 2019
This album started with a visit to Danica from Mr. Bishop, who informed us in St. Lucia that Canadians will have to pay additional entry fees to Colombia. The start of the World ARC in St. Lucia, a few photos of life on board Danica over the five day- five night passage and of course our final landing in Santa Marta, which was more challenging than anticipated.
43 Photos
Created 18 January 2019
24 Photos
Created 11 January 2019
The World ARC office is open and the boats registered for the rally are arriving to the Rodney Bay marina. The waterfront cafes and restaurants are busy with sailors preparing for the trip of their lifetimes, safety inspections are being conducted on the 29 registered boats and seminars related to this adventure are starting tomorrow morning. Glen and Dave have completed some important jobs on the boat today and Danica has passed her safety inspection by the ARC staff in the morning. Nancy and I have enjoyed the afternoon at the Face to Face Spa and our feet are totally kissable again.
10 Photos
Created 7 January 2019
Sunday trip to the beautiful Natural Reserve on the east side of the island was a fantastic experience. The tour guide Greg was very knowledgeable. He touched on St. Lucia's history as well as introducing many interesting plants and their fruits/nuts/seeds. Zip-lines were enjoyed by all....
24 Photos
Created 6 January 2019
We have re-connected with our German friends Martina and Uli who have arrived to St. Lucia from Barbados on December 28, 2018. Great moments together include the New Year's celebration on their boat Baradal, a field trip to the Pigeon Island and town of Castries, Captains sharing fried pig tails at the local vendors and Admirals checking out the local stores and services in Rodney Bay. The Captains bonded over various projects on both boats, from the masts and sails to the electronic charts, Danica and Baradal are sea-worthy again. The four of us played endless games of Sequence and Triminos, over nibbles, beer and champagne. Fair winds till we meet again....
37 Photos
Created 4 January 2019
Captain and I have no definite schedule for this week. A few outstanding jobs for Glen on the boat and a spa day for Mary. Going with the flow.....reflect and plan for the next sailing leg
6 Photos
Created 26 December 2018
We have returned from Martinique on Saturday, December 22 to attend ARC's price giving party and to made sure that our friend Don did not miss his plane on Sunday. Photos include moments from the ARC's party and some more.
18 Photos
Created 25 December 2018
We have sailed to the island of Martinique for a few days to get the repairs done on Danica. Le Marin port is well known for excellent tradesmen who completed the works to Captain's satisfaction. Don and I checked out all grocery stores in Le Marin. On Friday we rented a car to explore the island and were impressed by its beauty. I took lots of photos that I hope to eventually post in this album. The internet is bad or worse, so be patient
60 Photos
Created 22 December 2018
We visited the Botanical Gardens in St. Lucia on our Sunday's road trip. I think the beautiful flowers deserve their own album if I will ever be able to download their photos. Weak and slow internet makes the task of downloading my personal challenge over the holidays.... I did not dot down the names of the plants, but most of them are native to the area.
39 Photos
Created 18 December 2018
St. Lucia appears to be quite different from the images advertised in travel brochures. The Rodney Bay Marina is a nice facility and the services are good. Glen has been supervising the work done for the boat, but Sud's laundry needed no supervision. We have celebrated with fellow sailors our safe arrival to this island at the Yacht club's BBQ, which was so-so, however, the entertainment and company afterwards was great. We also took a taxi tour of the west side of the island and saw the famous Pitons- green pointy volcanic hills, botanical gardens and had a typical St. Lucian lunch in the afternoon in Sufriere. I tried to capture the St. Lucia that has its own growing pains and cultural clashes. Beautiful lush island, but they could use one or two Cesar Manriques from Lanzarote to clean up the place and have an Official Community Plan. Lots of work to make the island clean and safe for tourists- not there by far in my humble opinion.
86 Photos
Created 18 December 2018
The last stretch of the Atlantic crossing presented some challenges including frequents squalls, broken shackle on Code 0 sail and damaged rigging. For the last four days we sailed with partially furled Genoa and storm sail averaging about 4 knots
53 Photos
Created 17 December 2018
We left Las Palmas on Sunday, November 25, 2018 and have arrived to Rodney Bay on Thursday, December 14, 2018. This was the longest passage for us so far.
77 Photos
Created 16 December 2018
The Las Palmas Marina is buzzing with action. I am multitasking as well. Two loads of laundry on the go and a cappuccino at a different restaurant. I hope I will be able to post the photos of the last week in Gran Canaria. The high-lights include "A NIght in Rio" costume party, shopping with my friend Martina , Crew dinner at fancy restaurant Embarcadero and checking out of Spain at the Frontier Police this morning. We met Mr. Agustin Martin and his wife from the OCC Gran Canaria and had lunch on Danica. Agustin is the Ocean Cruising Club representative in Gran Canaria.
36 Photos
Created 23 November 2018
Life in Las Palmas Marina includes; working on the boat and spending lots of money in various marine stores, wining, dining and dancing with fellow sailors, attending various sailing seminars, a bus tour to the winery and last but not least, a memorable ARC's Opening ceremony. Will add more memories from Las Palmas over the next five days.
46 Photos
Created 19 November 2018
We have arrived to Las Palmas. The overnight passage was not for the faint of heart or stomach, but we have happily settled in Las Palmas Marina. The ARC activities include wining and dinning, informative sailing seminars, hustle and bustle of people trying to cram last minute projects, that should probably be addressed months ago. Watching them, it feels like they are cramming for exams. I am so grateful for the high safety standard and due diligence Captain Wilson has always maintained. Danica is ready for the final ARC inspections, no sweat.
14 Photos
Created 16 November 2018
Glen completed his diving certificate while Don and I took an amazing day tour of Timanfaya National Park with breathtaking vistas, checked out the camel ride off our bucket lists, tasted some so-so wine, but really enjoyed a traditional Lanzarote buffet lunch. I managed to visit my favourite stylist in Rubicon Marina before our departure and last, but definitely not least, we connected with Judy and Jordan on SeaTurtle and spent a couple of wonderful evenings together, sipping good wine and sampling Spanish culinary desserts. A few days filled to the brim.....getting ready for the crossing to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria
29 Photos
Created 16 November 2018
13 Photos
Created 1 October 2018
Artists and sailors share a quest for freedom. Today, Tuesday, September 25th, I spent a day following the steps of Lanzarote's own Cesar Manrique, a genius with exuberant energy, passion for life and love for this island. Although he passed away in 1992, his paintings, sculptures, urban planning and public art are a dance between nature and artistic expression. I spent a day soaking in this man's passion for beauty and harmony. My soul is overflowing. I convinced Captain to take the Sunday off and together we visited Jameos and lava caves just a short walk away. No regrets.
58 Photos
Created 25 September 2018
Another bus trip across the island to the Village of Haria where Spanish artist and an architect Cesar Manrique lived and worked from 1988-1992 when he died in a car accident. The house and his studio are now a Museum . Manrique was born In Lanzarote and returned back in the 1960's. He had major influence on the planning regulations of the island. He was also involved in the Jardin de Cactus place which reminds me of Victoria's Butchart's gardens, but much pricklier.
74 Photos
Created 23 September 2018
Lanzarote island is bicycle friendly and we did a day exploration on two wheels along the southern shore of the Island to Puerto del Carmen. We stopped three times- coffee, lunch, beer. We completed about 30 km along breathtaking ocean side admiring beautiful vacation land developments along the way.
78 Photos
Created 21 September 2018
We will spend about a month in the Canaries and I will keep adding photos as we go along. We are staying for a few days in the Lanzarote marina in Arrecife. Glen is getting estimates for haul out and some other jobs. The marina is new, well run and it appears to be a commercial hub for the town with nice restaurants, gym, many stores and boutiques.
76 Photos
Created 13 September 2018
These photos are from our five day (124 hour) Atlantic crossing from Gibraltar to Lanzarote Marina. We have sailed for 64 hours and motored the rest. Breathtaking sunsets, pods of dolphins, many cargo freighters and tankers and two days navigating among the fishing nets along the west coast of Morocco. We experienced hours of no wind and a couple of days of cold, wet Atlantic weather with 20+knot winds and sailing in 4m waves dressed in full sailing gear with warm tuques.
30 Photos
Created 12 September 2018
19 Photos
Created 6 September 2018
This was our last (6/6) Mediterranean passage. We motored all the way and predicted fantastic winds never showed up. However, we saw many pods of dolphins that came to check us out and played around the boat.
20 Photos
Created 3 September 2018
We have left Moraira on Sunday, August 26 at 7am and sailed westerly for a 36 hour, 195 nM passage to Almarimar Marina on Costa del Sol. Original plan was to stop in San Jose, but high winds and breaking waves at the San Jose bay were unsafe to anchor. So we continued sailing to a well protected marina in Almarimar. This was our fifth overnight passage with 21 hours of sailing and 15 hours of motoring.
28 Photos
Created 28 August 2018
I am quite fascinated by many different types of boats we see on our travels and have a folder of pictures to remind me that sailing is a very small components of marine traffic. Cargo ships and ferries, tankers, war ships, fishing fleets and all kind of pleasure crafts are our daily companions that I will try to capture in this album as we continue our journey. The boats in the marinas carry their own stories...
38 Photos
Created 25 August 2018
I was intrigued by many beautiful statues we saw in Marmaris, Turkey. Every statue seems to convey a story and I will leave it up to the observer to imagine the plot. There are also faces of people we meet and I feel those moments should be captured somewhere.As we venture into unknown lands I will attempt to keep adding those images to this album.
83 Photos
Created 25 August 2018
This was our fourth longer passage from August 18-20, where we completed 215nM in 44 hrs: 33 sailing and 11 motoring
60 Photos
Created 23 August 2018
We made two longer passages in this timeline. The first one was from Taormina, Sicily to Acciaroli , southern Italy on Aug1-4th. We had lots of problems with engines/fuel and we motored 150nM, which took us 45 hours. The second passage was from Salerno, Italy to Menorca, Spain on August 8-12, where we completed 500nM, 30 hrs of sailing and 80 hrs of motoring
141 Photos
Created 14 August 2018
88 Photos
Created 26 July 2018
Our first Mediterranean passage from Greece to Italy (250nm, 3days, 2 nights)
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Created 23 July 2018
First ten days of our journey from Marmaris to Petras, Greece
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Created 16 July 2018
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Created 29 June 2018
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Created 27 June 2018
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Created 27 June 2018
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Created 27 June 2018
Ten day guided tour of western Turkey including biblical sites of the Seven Churches of Revelation, Gallipoli Peninsula and WW1 battle in Dardanelle, and Istanbul
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Created 27 June 2018
I had another surgery after 10 months. My flexibility had been compromised by having rods in my back. I went back to the surgeon and he agreed to perform an operation to remove them.
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Created 27 May 2018
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Created 9 April 2018
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Created 9 April 2018
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Created 8 April 2018
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Created 2 April 2018
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Created 2 April 2018