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To be a sailor and live a shore in the Caribbean.

06 July 2010 | Puerto Rico, Ponce
16 May 2010
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06 July 2010 | Puerto Rico, Ponce
Sailing DR is now in Ponce, Puerto Rico

It took us a long 52h to get from Boca Chica, DR to Ponce Puerto Rico, to long and to ruf if anybody asks me. But any way now were here.

Any bodu interested in a charter, here ore some where else in a Jeanneau 34 just give us a call ore send an e.mail

// safe sailing!


16 May 2010
Sailing DR is trying to make an upgrade in boats, there is a chance that we will sell this one and buy a new...but nothing is shore yet.

Today we have the 2 amazing kids. Juan and Gian went for a sail with us and they are now hungry waiting for their meat from the BBQ.

I'm still making a lot of changes to or webpage but the information should stay the same. Please visit us if you are interested in a sailing charter, buying or selling a boat, sailing classes ore of you just coming to the DR and want some info.

// Lisa

Luch with the Cruisers

18 January 2010
The monthly lunch for the cruisers in Marina Zar-Par was hold yester day. There were 6 new boats, 2 German, 1 Swedish, 1 British and 1 American. We had "La Bandera Dominicana" (The Dominican Flag) which is rise and beans, Dominican meat balls, conch in read souse, avocado, green salad and local bear. Just a big table with a lot of colors and flavors, excellent as always!

We had the pleasure to share some knowledge from the writer of the Dominican Republic Cruising Guide, Frank Virgintino who also is one of the owners of Marina Zar-Par. He just came back from his "End of the year Sailing" on the south east and east coast of the DR.

Kids, waether and Travel lift

16 January 2010
My husband has 2 sons. We captured them this morning with our motorcycle helmets on, very cute if you ask me.

The cold weather is almost gone, we saw the sun today still not summer heat but on the other hand we don't really need that.

The boat yard in Zar-Par Marina has a new friend, a travel lift with a capacity of 60 Tons and 28 feet wide boats. It is still in pieces on the ground but the guys are working to get it working as fast as possible.

Sailing DR

14 January 2010
I'm proud to announce that I've made my first website and posted it on to the web. It is not the most advanced site Iv ever seen But, I did it! Any how the site is for our charter company, Sailing DR that provides sailing tours and charters to tourists in the DR.

We offer half day, day and multiple day charter on our Janneau Sun Rise 34ยด. You can find more info on the web :

Sense the site is still very new I will gladly here all suggestions and tips on how to improve it.

About the power boat I wrote about before, they have found 2 bodies so fare. They do not hope for any survivals any more. Sad isn't it?

Missing Poweboat

08 January 2010
I have a new reasoned for why I like sailboats more than power boats. We have a situation here at the Marina, a power boat left yesterday to go fishing and have not come back yet. The fact that the current will take them further west and the north wind further south they should be pretty fare from here by now. It's rare that it happens but it does and when, I would rather be on a sailboat with all its comfort and all the food I always forgets onboard.

Any how I feel for them and their friend and families and we hope that they will be found and taken home to thus how misses them.

// Lisa
Vessel Name: Focus II
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sun Rise 34
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