Sailing Endless Summer

19 November 2023 | La Paz
14 November 2023 | Bahia De Los Muertos
13 November 2023 | Cabo los Frailes
11 November 2023 | Cabo San Lucas.
09 November 2023 | Almost into Cabo
06 November 2023 | Entrance to Bahia Santa Maria
05 November 2023 | Approaching Bahia Santa Maria
04 November 2023 | Pacific Ocean off of Punta Asuncion
02 November 2023 | Bahia Tortuga
01 November 2023 | Back side of Cedros Island
30 October 2023 | Pacific Ocean
24 October 2023 | San Diego
21 October 2023 | Mission Beach, San Diego
18 October 2023 | Oceanside Yacht Club
15 October 2023 | Dana Point, Ca.
08 October 2023 | Avalon, Ca.
02 October 2023 | Cherry Cove, Catalina Island Ca.
29 September 2023 | San Pedro, Ca.
25 September 2023 | Long Beach
23 September 2023 | Newport Beach

We are still here in La Paz.

19 November 2023 | La Paz
Dave and Michelle | OAT 89F, 79F in the pool.
Hello from La Paz. We have been really busy with no time to update the blog but all is well here in the anchorage. There is a wind event that will keep us in port through Thanksgiving at this point. Then will head up to the gorgeous anchorage of Espirito Santos and Isla San Francisco. La Paz and the Marina De La Paz and Club Cruceros has been great, we are meeting lots of cruisers and getting great tips and info of the area and services. We have even completed some projects aboard.
Today there is a Baja HaHa welcome party at La Costa restaurant next to the marina that we will attend and meet more of the HaHa crews that made it up this far.
Cheers for now,
Dave and Michelle

Finally some Great Food and Margaritas

14 November 2023 | Bahia De Los Muertos
Dave and Michelle | Warm mid 80's and 80' water as well.
We bashed our way upwind once again to make it into Bahia Los Muertos/Los Suenos. This translates to Bay of the Dead so they are changing it to Los Suenos which means to Dream to encourage more visitors. Anyway this is a really nice anchorage with a nice open air palapa style restaurant on the beach with thatched roof made of palm fronds. There is apparently another restaurant on the far end of the beach, but we didn't check it out. We had the Combinacion Mexicana platter that consisted of Beef Chili Relleno, Shimp Taco and Chicken Enchilada. WOW was that delicious and we finally had our first GOOD Margarita. We pulled tables together to share with the rest of our group of about 20 Baja Haha-ers where we shared all the juicy stories of the trip. It was again going to be an early morning departure of around 6am so we all headed back to the dinghies a little after sunset.

We can't say enough about Dinghy Wheels! They are mounted on the transom, and we flip them down on approach to the beach. We slowly motor in till we feel the wheels touch the sand and pull the kill switch to the motor, jump out with water just below our knees and pull the dink up the beach. It makes it so much easier and now that we are in the Sea of Cortez there is no more Pacific Ocean swell, so the surf landings are a thing of the past. And no rolling at anchor is fantastic for a great night's sleep.

Our next stop is La Paz, but we may stop for a night in one of the beautiful anchorages along the way. More next time.
Dave and Michelle.

Up Wind?? Yuck!

13 November 2023 | Cabo los Frailes
Dave and Michelle
We made it to Cabo Freiles anchorage, but it was a bash into 20+ knots of wind to do it. This was uncomfortable to say the least and the boat is completely covered in salt. After 3 months of downwind sailing, this is a completely different experience that has no place on the fun scale. We get to do this again from here to the next anchorage, Los Muertos. More on that next time.
Dave and Michelle.

2nd Place in Division and the Last night in Cabo!

11 November 2023 | Cabo San Lucas.
Dave and Michelle | 80's and clear
We had lots of fun in Cabo but it's a little over the top for us. It's CRAZY!!! The first night we went to Squid Row where dancing on the tables is encouraged... There were still HaHa boats out on the water, so the turnout was a bit smaller than usual, but it was fun and LOUD!!! AND... all the bars in that area were BLASTING the music to try to entice people into them. We can just say if you have not been to Cabo lately, it's a lot crazier than it was 20 years ago. We did have fun with the crew going to find the perfect tacos and margaritas though. And honestly, so far, we can get better Margaritas back home at Ceilia's restaurant.

On a better note, at the awards ceremony we got second place in our Frijole division!! This is not a race but a rally right? But the way the rally committee does it, every boat gets a 3rd place unless you finish 1st or 2nd in your division. They were calling all the boats in our division but we still didn't hear our name called until they got to second place. Wow, shocked really because we did have to motor sail quite a bit. Turns out the boat that came in first did as well but also went straight through the electrical storm going into Bahia Santa Maria, where we held off the coast for about 4 hours to let it pass ahead of us and we then followed it into the anchorage. Better safe than sorry we always say.

Not sure where we will go in the morning but think we will work our way up the coast to La Paz with stops in Los Frailes and Bahia Los Muertos each night. FYI, it has been very fast paced these last few weeks, so we've been slacking on the blog other than some quick blurbs and Coordinates for the tracking. We hope things will slow down once in La Paz so we can breathe. At this point we are pushing to get up to La Paz before a Norther blows down for a week.
More later,
Dave and Michelle

Almost to Cabo

09 November 2023 | Almost into Cabo
Dave and Michelle | Warm.
We are about 30 miles out from the finish of leg 3 of the 2023 Baha-HaHa! This leg had the most sailing with incredible sailing over night under the stars and clouds with a beautiful sunrise. We did need to motor sail a little bit in the morning but then got the kite up and were back to making good time under sail. The last 30 miles looks to be motor sailing again to make our ETA of 7 - 8PM. More later...
Dave and Michelle.

Interesting Night.

06 November 2023 | Entrance to Bahia Santa Maria
Dave and Michelle | Clear and warm until Electrical Storm came through
We had to let an ominous lightning storm pass through before we could get to the anchorage. Our original ETA was 11pm but it is now 8am because we slowed down and even changed course to the west for a bit to let these cells pass. Without the technology of great weather reporting sites like, Passage Weather etc. linked with Starlink there would have been much more risk involved in getting in. We could tell where the cells were related to our location, which direction they were going and could even see they were dissipating quickly. The weird part was that they were heading right into the anchorage that all the boats in front of us are already in but then dissipated right away. We heard stories of a lot of rain. Hoping that is all it was. The Electrical storm put on quite a show. Pictures were next to impossible though. More later...
Vessel Name: Endless Summer
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42
Hailing Port: Alameda, Ca.
Crew: Dave and Michelle
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Endless Summer and Crew Michelle, Dave and the ships cat Bosun head out under the Golden Gate Bridge to points south on their way to San Diego and the start of the 2023 Baja HaHa.
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