Sailing Endless Summer

12 August 2020
04 December 2019
23 November 2019
15 September 2019 | Delta Bedroom 2
14 September 2019 | Georgiana Slough
19 May 2019 | Alameda
29 August 2016

Delta Dawdling 2019

14 September 2019 | Georgiana Slough
Dave and Michelle Opheim | Perfect 87 degrees
We are anchor down in 25' of 68 degree fresh water, tied to a couple trees to keep us out of the middle of the slough. We are a couple miles further down river because our usual spot is no longer good. There is a 50+ foot sunken houseboat on what used to be the beach and an anchor out in a crappy house boat still there from last year and we just didn't want to look at all that crap let alone what crap he puts in the water, YUCK!!! So down river we went. Found a nice little spot and watched a great full moon in silence for some "US TIME" for a change. The ships cat Bosun was out in the cockpit and up on deck in the beginning of the trip and then slept the rest of the way, missing the opening of 3 bridges. We quickly stopped for fuel at Rio Vista Marina and got back on our way. As we approached the Rio Vista bridge, the tender said because of painting work the bridge was only opening with 4 hours advanced notice through January 1st!!! UHHHHHHH WHHHHAAATTTTT Dave said!!!!! Notification was in the notice to mariners. Oops, didn't read that today... Then one of the Brusco tugs came on VHF 09 and said the 3 mile slough bridge was also out of service and that we would need to go all the way back to Pittsburgh which would be more than a 4 hour setback. WOW!!! The bridge tender said to call him on the land line where he then let us know he could open in 15 mins if we waited, he said he understood we came a distance and didn't want to ruin our day. Wow, THATS GREAT!!! Not much of that helpful attitude around these days. He wouldn't even take the $20 we offered him for his kindness. Told him if he see us out and about to come by for a beer!!! Thank your bridge tender! Anyway, we are here in beautiful 85 degree weather, Michelle is outside using the bucket to rinse down the deck. We've already been in the water to cool off. Dinghy is down, and ready to roll for Guisti's dinner tonight. More tomorrow when we depart this spot and head down to the Bedrooms in Potato slough to meet the rest of the OYC cruise out attendees...
Vessel Name: Endless Summer
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42
Hailing Port: Alameda, Ca.
Crew: Dave and Michelle