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12 August 2020
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Covid-19 Blues

12 August 2020
Dave and Michelle Opheim
So the world is pretty much shut down. California has been told to stay HOME with the threat of a misdemeanor, so here we are at HOME on the boat. Last week we stayed on the dock but on Saturday we said we will still be at home and away from people if we were on the hook in the Treasure Island anchorage, just as well if not better than being on the dock. And I'd bet we are more secluded than anyone in a house.
Michelle went out and provisioned the boat as if we were going on an off shore cruise to Hawaii with about 15+ dinner meals aboard. She filled all 4 water tanks and we also pumped out the holding tanks and took on diesel. The only thing that's missing is the 400 Watts of solar panels that are in storage for the winter. It would be nice to have a few more gallons of gas for the Honda generator too once we run out we will just use the main engine to heat water and charge batteries. Really wish we had our solar panels, they work that good.
So here we sit, I can work from HOME here as we have our Verizon Hot Spot that works great. We have no TV reception here but can see what we need on line (Some reports with a grain of salt of coarse).
We will stay put until one of 3 things happens: I get called into work, we run out of water or we run out of Toilet Paper. We have 5 rolls so that should not be first. We are still on the first tank of water which is only 23 gallons so we have been doing really well there too. I am hoping I don't get called in, No one is working so nothing should break. Hmm, Maybe if we run out of Booze? Yikes, I'd hate to imagine that. To that end though, this is really good practice for cruising full time although we are used to hanging out in the Delta for a couple weeks every season.
Anyway, all is good here and we hope anyone reading this is doing so as well.
Stay Safe, Stay Home.
Dave and Michelle
Vessel Name: Endless Summer
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42
Hailing Port: Alameda, Ca.
Crew: Dave and Michelle