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Vessel Name: Island Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: 2005 Fontaine Pajot Bahia
Hailing Port: St Thomas,crown bay
Crew: Tom, Rhonda, Savannah, Slugger, Lexie & Beetlejuice
On 12/27/10 the truck loaded 750 lbs. of things we thought we could not live without. (we'll see) And today is my last official day of work! On 01/07/11 we will arrive in St. Thomas, VI, take the ferry to Roadtown, Tortola & spend the first night in our new home, "Island Spirit. [...]
The crew.. Tom & I are in our early 40's (very young!) and Savannah is our beautiful 7 yr. old daughter. Slugger, Lexie & Beetlejuice are the furrier side of the family I refuse to leave behind. We love the ocean, sun & sailing. Quite simply, we are a family that is in need of a change so we [...]
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Hi All,

We are still here at Honeymoon Bay, Water Island. We are one hour ahead of those of you in Ky., but already the sun is moving on the downward slope. Right now all three of us are on the back of our boat watching day catamarans bring cruise boat people into Water Island. Just prior to this we watched, “Allure of the Seas,” come by, stop and then turn their huge ship around to back into the dock a half mile away! It definitely puts our measly boat skills to shame!

Our neighbors watched the cruise ship too, but with binoculars. They observed all men on the ship. Now, don’t get excited ladies.. These guys were taken… by, you guessed it.. other guys. Lots of rainbows hanging all around. A short time later a couple of day catamarans brought several boat loads of, “males” to Water Island to spend the day. It was a good thing Savannah was kind of having an “off” day with schoolwork and we didn’t have time to go to the beach. I’m really not ready to answer those questions!

We ran out of water today. We could see it was coming. We filled up our 200 gallon tank about two weeks ago. This usually costs about 15 cents. Our new friends, Holly & Larry Klaas who have a water maker & and 1000 gallon tank aboard their 75 Irwin offered to fill our tank. We took them up on that offer, pulled up our two anchors and motored a few hundred yards away to where they are also anchored here in Honeymoon Bay. We attached our boat to theirs; they used our internet & we got water. That is the way it is around here. People share and help one another more than anywhere I have been. Like I have said, there are many live aboards here and few people that live on this beautiful, tiny island.

After we filled our water tanks, the Klaas’ and the 6 of us (us and the furry critters) sailed our boat for about an hour or so. We had good wind and sailed Island Spirit about 7-9 knots in 17 mph winds. Not too bad.

For those of you who have been following our blog, our “neighbors” that were so much into “nature” left the other day and then returned the next to the exact spot next to us; this time, with friends! So now, guess what.. Two sets of saggy boobies at all hours of the day. This time Savannah noticed. She said, “Mommy, you know that lady over there? She took all her clothes off right on the back of her boat!” Much more education than our 7 year old needs!

Lexie took her first accidental swim the other night. Usually when we all leave the boat we put the dogs in their crates, but that evening Tom left and didn’t put them in. When we returned the dogs met us at the back of the boat on the last step. As the dinghy approached the boat, I went to grab the boat, but missed. The dinghy bounced off the boat and backwards at the same time Lexie tried to jump on. She missed and went splash. Let’s just say she’s not a swimmer.

Besides living with a lot less stress the Caribbean has been good for Tom too; well, I think so anyway. He gets up in the morning, washes dishes, sweeps, vacuums and straightens up! Yesterday he scrubbed the outside of the boat for the second time! I don’t know what has come over him, but I’m really liking it!
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