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Vessel Name: Island Spirit
Vessel Make/Model: 2005 Fontaine Pajot Bahia
Hailing Port: St Thomas,crown bay
Crew: Tom, Rhonda, Savannah, Slugger, Lexie & Beetlejuice
On 12/27/10 the truck loaded 750 lbs. of things we thought we could not live without. (we'll see) And today is my last official day of work! On 01/07/11 we will arrive in St. Thomas, VI, take the ferry to Roadtown, Tortola & spend the first night in our new home, "Island Spirit. [...]
The crew.. Tom & I are in our early 40's (very young!) and Savannah is our beautiful 7 yr. old daughter. Slugger, Lexie & Beetlejuice are the furrier side of the family I refuse to leave behind. We love the ocean, sun & sailing. Quite simply, we are a family that is in need of a change so we [...]
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February 15, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Glad to see that the cold weather in Louisville is finally starting to break!

We are still here at Water Island anchored about a hundred or so yards from shore. Savannah has made friends and had a sleep over here the other night with one of her buddies. It is such a good feeling to see her and the other kids running, climbing trees, swimming and just having fun without any gadgets, televisions or electronics that most of us are guilty of supplying in abundance to our children.

We are planning to leave here soon and go to Culebra Island just off Puerto Rico. It is about 17 miles from where we sit right now and can be seen on a clear day. I look forward to exploring there. We were planning to go a few days ago, but there was an antifreeze leak near the engine. It turns out to be nothing major, but also nothing we can fix ourselves. So we are staying put until it’s fixed.. maybe today, maybe not. It’s just one of the nuances of Caribbean life.

Our lives are starting again to relax to another level. We are still adjusting to our new routines and chores, but it is becoming more familiar and comfortable. Yesterday, for the third time, my friend Holly and I took the ferry from Water Island to St. Thomas (about 10 minutes) and then the bus (20 minutes) to K-Mart. In the movie Rainman the saying was, “Kmart _ ucks!” Well, not here in St. Thomas. It’s the only place to purchase household goods and some groceries without paying three times what we’d pay in the states. So I take a backpack and Holly takes a big purse and we cart what we carry back the same way we came. Of course, us girls stop and have lunch and window shop a little too, but we are sure to do that on the way in.

Yesterday the big purchase was a coffee maker. We have had a percolator but only used it a few times. In the beginning, we felt too warm to drink coffee and we’d drink Diet Coke or an energy drink. This morning Tom had coffee hot and waiting when I awoke. It’s the simple things in life that make us smile.

Right now Tom and Savannah have taken the dinghy about 10 minutes away to the dumpster for a trash run. Savannah wanted to go and drive the dinghy. She is growing by leaps and bounds, her front tooth is finally coming in and she is learning more about life than sometimes I am ready for her to know. So while they are away I have a few minutes to myself. I’m watching another huge cruise ship get ready to dock in St. Thomas.

Yesterday we rented a golf cart for the day and toured Water Island. It was well worth the $ 35.00 we spent. There are a few cars here and they can be rented too, but there is really no need. They say 200 people live on this island. I don’t know where and if I were just guessing I’d say maybe 50 people live here. There are huge houses on the island as well as shacks and an eco-camping area. The views are fabulous and I would encourage anyone who enjoys a low key vacation to spend time here. The people are friendly and welcoming and it is safe.

Just 10 short years ago this island was owned by the U.S. Military, the Dept. of Interior. Rumor has it people in the Witness Protection Program were here. As I look around at the locals I can’t help but wondering if they used to be someone else.

In today’s attached picture look closely under the bar. That is Slugger passed out there! Everyone knows and loves the dogs and apparently he’s comfortable too. And what you see is also Joe’s Beach Bar, the only bar on the island. It is run by a young couple who moved here from the states about 5 years ago. They have four children, live on the island and home school.
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