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18 January 2023 | Rodney Bay St Lucia
04 January 2023 | Wallilibou Bay, St Vincent.
02 January 2023 | St Lucia - The Pitons
30 December 2022 | Middle of the Atlantic Ocean !
25 December 2022 | Rodney Bay St Lucia
20 December 2022 | 750 miles East of St Lucia
05 December 2022
29 November 2022
27 November 2022 | Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco
25 November 2022 | Gibraltar
15 November 2022
15 November 2022
05 November 2022 | Seville Spain
04 November 2022 | Caminito Del Rey, Spain
28 October 2022 | Estepona Spain
23 October 2022 | Malaga, Spain
21 October 2022
18 October 2022
16 October 2022

Fort Rodney - Rodney Bay - St Lucia

18 January 2023 | Rodney Bay St Lucia
Steven Cowart
We are back anchored in beautiful Rodney Bay for a few days while we wait for Angela's Brother to join us. We did a hike up to Fort Rodney just above where our boat is anchored.

We will be heading North towards Martinique next week!

Here is a link to some photos of our short hike at the Fort.

Soccer on the Black Sand Beach!

04 January 2023
Steven Cowart
The Boys, Ashley and Angela on the Beach at Keasons bay.

St Vincent & Pirates of the Caribbean !

04 January 2023 | Wallilibou Bay, St Vincent.
Steven Cowart
We are headed South to the Grenadines for a few days and stopped overnight at a bay on the West shore of St Vincent. This tropical bay with lush dramatic mountains behind it and black sand beaches was the location for many of the scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean. Many of the props and things from the movie are still there next to the Customs office where we checked in. It feels like a place from an age gone by.

We were anchored in a tiny bay with only two other boats. We were back up to a sheer cliff in crystal clear water. The boys and Ashley took the paddle board to the beach and of course ended up kicking a soccer ball around with some really young local boys. We bought 7 fresh lobsters from a local boat boy to have for dinner tommorow night.

It's again very hard to understand how lush and dramatic the island is from a picture. The eerie beeping of tiny rain frogs every evening and the tropical smells really make you feel like you are in a differant world.

Pitons of St Lucia

02 January 2023 | St Lucia - The Pitons
Steven Cowart
Angela arrived on Saturday, the twins arrived yesterday along with Taylor's girlfriend Ashley. We went to the grocery store this morning to provision and then headed out to finally explore St Lucia.
After a great easy 3 hour sail we arrived at the Pitons of St Lucia. These volcanic formations rise dramatically from the ocean and tower over palm covered tropical beaches. The size and scale of these are hard to capture.
We will spend the night anchored in this tropical cove and then head out tomorrow for a short sail south to St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Watching the sunset from such an incredible location feels like a great way to celebrate a belated Holiday with my family. I really wish Cody could have joined us.

Sunsets from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

30 December 2022 | Middle of the Atlantic Ocean !
Steven Cowart
During our Crossing we had a few really spectacular sunsets! This one in particular was quite vivid. It's interesting when you have more time on your hands you begin to look forward to and appreciate things like a sunset.

Some of the things that were harder to capture were the stars at night when you are a thousand miles from any light pollution , or the beauty of seeing bio-luminescence as it glows from the turbulence of your wake in the middle of the night. These things you often witness alone while on watch and everyone else is asleep.

As you travel thru the journey that is life, you need to appreciate these moments. Life is a journey and you need to put yourself out there to experiance things. You may never know exactly what or when these moments will occur, but unless you are open to the unknown you may be missing the beauty of the world that's just around the corner. Sometimes the unexpected isn't always easy or pleasant, but overcoming the challenges and then finding the good side of the unexpected is well worth the risk.

Arrival in St Lucia

25 December 2022 | Rodney Bay St Lucia
Steven Cowart
After a little over 12 days at sea we have arrived in St Lucia. We actually slowed down on purpose the last 24 hours so that we would not arrive in the middle of the night. There is an incredibly narrow channel into Rodney Bay and we timed it just right to come thru at about 7 in the morning on Christmas Day.

Overall a very good passage and a really good speed to get here as quickly as we did. Our tanks are still full and the boat did great. No unexpected issues or surprises.

Now to rest up and get ready for my family. I figure it will take me quite a few days to get the boat "Angela Clean" before she arrives at the end of the week.
Vessel Name: Freebird
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 42
Hailing Port: Austin, Texas
Crew: Angela & Steve Cowart
Our vessel is a 2022 Lagoon 42. It is 42 feet long and 25 feet wide. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the Port Hull and the entire Starboard hull is the owners cabin. Walk in shower, Bed is somewhere between a Queen and a King. It has 2 - 57 hp diesel engines, one in each hull. We will also [...]
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