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Sailing our new Maverick catamaran from Cape Town South Africa to the US East Coast

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Busy Marmaris

05 August 2013 | Marmaris Turkey
Linda Witham
August 4 – 5 , 2013 Sunday and Monday
Marmaris Netsel Marina
36 50.91’N: 28 16.58’E

After several days at anchorages and small towns, it was good to arrive at the busy resort town of Marmaris. There are several very large marinas and a huge bay to anchor and a very very long town quay for tour boats and fancy yachts. We stayed two nights in Marmaris, one night in the marina and one night at anchorage.
Marmaris has a West Marine store, which looks very much like the boat store back home in CA. We were able to buy some needed parts which was a pleasant surprise. The most important part we purchased were several small bags of tiny 1/4” ball bearings for our batten cars on our main sail. The main sail had gradually been getting more and more difficult to raise and to drop, so Dave had discovered that some of the ball bearings were missing on the 5th batt car. Buying the needed ball bearings was the easy part. Dave had to raise the upper batt cars above the mast track slot, remove the
aluminum mast track slot with the 5th batt car attached so as to not loose the remaining ball bearings and then load the new ball bearings into the batt car without dropping all those little balls all over the boat and then replace the track into the slot. All went well in this delicate operation until the track we had removed would not fit back into the slot from whence it had come! Maybe the heat expanded the aluminum or something, but Dave had to carefully grind the track without destroying the grooves and without making the track too short. It took much longer than planned (doesn’t every boat project?), but we are happy to report that his repair was a great success because the main sail slides up and down more easily. There are still a few other batt car ball bearings to replace, but that job will wait for another time.
While Marmaris has no ancient ruins or interesting attractions, we found it a very pleasant place with many lovely fountains and manicured landscaping along the waterfront. It was a great place to ride our bikes and do some people watching. This harbor had even more tour boats, huge yachts and beautiful gullets than we saw in Bodrum, which seemed impossible. We estimate that there were over 200 huge boats on the town quay not counting the thousands of boats literally in the numerous marinas around the bay.

Vessel Name: Frisky
Vessel Make/Model: Maverick 400 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Ventura California
Extra: Sailing our NEW Maverick catamaran from Cape Town South Africa across the southern Atlantic, crossing the equator into the Caribbean and the East Coast USA
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