Sailing Ithaka

"May your road be long and full of adventure" - C.P. Cavafy

A Dash Downeast

Having missed the opportunity to get to the storied Bras d'Or Lakes and Cape Breton last summer, we were determined to make it this time around. The Bras d'Or Lakes sounded idyllic - large inland lakes free from the Atlantic fog, with long arms, bucolic...

Why Sailing In Canada Is Not Like Sailing in the Caribbean

1. You wear a lot more clothes
2. It is much harder to bend down with all of these clothes
3. You do not go barefoot
4. It takes a long time to use the head (i.e. go to the bathroom)
5. You have to get up earlier before your watch...

Off the Dock and on to North Haven

It's May 9 and we are finally off the dock after our winter layup. Our target was May 1, and the delay was annoying but typical - frenetic preparation seems only to warp the space-time continuum when you are trying to set sail after a long hiatus. Andy...

Springtime Splash

I am writing this from a coffee shop in Portland Maine, our new land-based home. Defying logic, we have migrated north rather than south in retirement, surely a sign of faulty genetics or yankee stubbornness. Our house in Montclair NJ is sold and we have...

Hanging Up The Foul Weather Gear for the Winter

Well, we turned over Ithaka to Front Street Shipyard in Belfast, Maine for winter storage. First time we have had any work done when we weren't present. First time we have left the boat for the winter. First time that we have been away from our tiny home...

Sailing South Uphill, or What is the Opposite of Downeast?

It's July 24 and we are watching an amazing sunset from the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron docks in Halifax with our just-off-the-plane crew Holly.