Sailing Ithaka

"May your road be long and full of adventure" - C.P. Cavafy

Rhythm, No Blues

After a few days of sailing and being tourists, we are getting into a rhythm, with more of a sense of familiarity with our boat, dry mouth successes docking, and exploration of the towns we visit.

Leaving Weymouth, we had our strategy down for...

Jurassic Coast

We were off the dock at around 8am Monday morning, leaving a quiet Poole Harbor under cloudy cool skies. We motored past Brownsea Island,out past the breakwater, until we finally got to the end of the harbor channel and turned the the engine off. The...

Update on Saturday: Great!

Beautiful sail, uneventful passage through the Needles Channel, another beautiful sail across a bay to Poole Harbor, and awesome docking in very tight quarters.
A really great feeling to begin our sailing travels, and an added blessing to start on such...

Strategy for Tomorrow

After 2-1/2 weeks at Hamble Point, we will leave tomorrow to head west along the coast of England toward Cornwall. It has been a great period here - we have met many wonderful people who have given us advice for our upcoming travels, have gotten many...

Ups and Downs.

The last few days have been a little of a rollercoaster.

On the positive side, the weather this weekend was spectacular: sunny 60 degree days that felt a lot like a nice June weekend in Maine. I take back everything I said about British...

Going Against the Tide

So here's the recipe for the day: new sail (a Code Zero, super cool, more on that later), new boat (you knew that already), huge container ships in constricted waters, and unfamiliar tide tables. What could go wrong?

After taking care of some...

Guide to English Weather Forecasts

In case any of you might be traveling to the UK, we thought the following translation might be helpful

Sunny: Probably wont rain too much. Used infrequently
Partly cloudy: Rain

So Why Aren’t We Sailing?

Saturday, May 22
So why aren’t we sailing?
Well, we sort of can’t. We have to have service done on our sailboat engine between 50 and 100 hours to retain the warranty. We are now at 93 hours. We have tried to get an appointment since...

A Big Blow and Lessons Learned

English weather is notoriously influenced by low pressure systems which often track NE and cross from the Atlantic thru the middle or the north of the UK. Since winds rotate counterclockwise, this typically results in strong westerly winds in the south of the...

Hamble Point Marina and the Solent

Arrived at Hamble Point Marina (near Southampton) at 11:12 am on Tuesday May 18, with the ship's log recording 750 miles for the 6 day passage. The final couple of days were quite eventful, passing the cliffs of Dover (white indeed, and quite impressive) and...