Sailing Moon Shadow


Mechanical Repairs

Music from the dock / time for lunch and an open dock space @ The WHARF was too good to pass up.

Thankfully we were allowed to tie up at the dock of the
Wharf restaurant in Wildwood ( no charge). Little did we know we would be here in Wildwood for nearly a week because of bad weather.
We spent the next few fixing the coupler, shaft and key.

I was surprised to find the old key was made out of soft malleable bronze and all the bolts holding the coupling to the shaft had worked themselves loose.
The shaft had slid 6 inches back and the prop had impeded rudder movement.
The first 3 days were spent with visits to marina repair shops, West Marine , Lowes, Home depot and finally a machine shop.
With a new set scew and stainless key we were delighted to do the repair ourselves without a haul out.

Bruised , sore and exhausted we successfully put it all back together !.

Next Stop Atlantic City