Sailing Moon Shadow


Atlantic City- arrival at midnight

We left Wildwood at 7am and headed out into the open water

The boat handled extreemly well... slicing through the waves like a hot knife through butter. the boat is well designed with a long keel and high coaming boards keeping the crew nice and dry.
Unfortunately we were once again heading directly into the wind and only making 2knits/hr. we would have been faster walking.

Tired and wanting to take shelter as the fog descended
we pulled into Atlantic City carefully navigating the channel.
Our hopes were to see Atlantic City lights and brightly lit casinos on arrival. Unfortunately, it was not possible. with the dense FOG.

Somewhat disheartened ,we concluded at this pace we would not make it back to NYC this week. so on Friday we caught a bus back to New York and a train to Morristown and left the boat ta the Farley State Marina outside of the Golden Nugget casino.
Donald had a flight back on Sunday.

The new plan of action ( POA) was to return the following Friday and sail the boat back to Nyack with Conor.