Sailing Moon Shadow


More Fog!

After 17hours we made it to New York!

Do we pull in behind Sandy Hook and anchor for the night and shelter or do we keep going to NYC?

After the thunderstorms and torrential rain , we believed
that the weather would improve and visibility would improve . Forecast was for fog with 1-3 mile visibility.
Note that we were also on an adrenaline rush and determined to get to New York.

Weather reports looked manageable and radar maps showed the fog clearing over NYC.
So we decided to keep going !.

As we approached the Verrazano bridge, the fog descended upon us with near zero visibility. After hearing " Sailing veseel
Moon Shadow over the VHF .. we were notified by oil tanker 'TEXAS RANGER' of both incoming and outgoing oil tankers . We indicated that we would stay on the outside of the shipping channel along the green markers.
with repeated fog horns and the clanging of the bells of marker buoys it was somewhat eerie. Thankfully we had AIS to help navigate and keep an eye on the tanker traffic at midnight keeping us out of harms way in the fog.

With a level head we navigated safely into NY harbor.
We were not used to seeing the city ( without lights ). It was like a blackout . The Fog was so dense! Thankfully with our LED spotlight and electronic charts ...we made our way safely to the Statue of Liberty!.