Sailing Moon Shadow


Atlantic City- arrival at midnight

We left Wildwood at 7am and headed out into the open water

The boat handled extreemly well... slicing through the waves like a hot knife through butter. the boat is well designed with a long keel and high coaming boards keeping the crew nice and...

Mechanical Repairs

Music from the dock / time for lunch and an open dock space @ The WHARF was too good to pass up.

Thankfully we were allowed to tie up at the dock of the
Wharf restaurant in Wildwood ( no charge). Little did we know we would be here in...

The Wharf -Sunset Lake- Wildwood

Tied up at the wharf ...sheltering from the Nor'Easter that lasted nearly 7 days.
enough time to catch Uber/LYFT rides for parts tools the coupler and shaft ourselves & avoid a haul out.

Cape May

Cape May Canal provided easy access to Cape May Marina
where we docked overnight

Down the Delaware Bay

Dropped Conor off in Delaware City. where he caught an uber to Wilmington, DE and an Amtrack back to Stamford,CT.

Donald and I sailed down the Delaware Bay.
Long Day and we were getting tired
Wind against tide
Wind up to...

Basking in the Sunshine -Chesapeake City

Conor enjoying a beer /lounging in the new dinghy