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12 December 2018 | Gorge Harbour - Cortez Island- BC - Canada
10 December 2018 | Magical Myatery Tour
06 December 2018 | Gorge Harbour - Cortez Island- BC - Canada
29 November 2018 | Wintering in the Gorge - Cortez Island BC
14 November 2018 | Grenada
19 September 2018 | Gorge Harbour - Cortez Island - Anchored
13 July 2018 | my old dockside slip (gone now)
12 July 2018 | Page Point Marina Bar (my old home)
10 July 2018 | Swanson Channel
10 July 2018 | Friends Dock
06 July 2018 | Friends Dock
16 May 2018 | Gulf Island Paradise
13 May 2018 | Dockside Workshop Gabriola
24 April 2018 | Paradise
22 April 2018 | dockside
14 April 2018 | Gariola Island

Safe from Winter's Storms

12 December 2018 | Gorge Harbour - Cortez Island- BC - Canada
Captain Ev
Winter SE Storms have no mercy for the unprepared. I always tie my boat up like I expect a hurricane. Two bow lines, one led ahead of the other, same for stern lines. A mid boat breast line and of course two spring lines.

When it is howling the sound of the lines creaking as they are taxed in the gusts and the bumpers rubbing protecting the boat is like a symphony to a boaters ears knowing you are safe and cozy tied to a secure dock in a sheltered cove.

I remember when..... when the dock was good and the lines were checked , it was like being snuggled in a nest. i loved it. - Bryan Blakely

The wind is once again piping up here in the Gorge - safe from the wicked seas but not the gusts.

One other so soul quenching tribulation is when rounding that point into a sheltered harbour having just had all that Neptune Himself could muster up to throw at you. Even well stowed stuff thrown about and more you had no time to attend to while battling the seas makes no matter as you and your ship are safe.

Magical Mystery Tour

10 December 2018 | Magical Myatery Tour
Billy Shears
I was joking around this morning about pirate thieving rum spiders aboard when I found a small spider in my coffee cup this morning as I was about to wash it up for my morning coffee, often more than not spiked with a tot of rum. The story carried on about me making 'im walk the plank - that rum theiv'n scoundrel. Tried to save 'is arse by spinning a web to the end of the plank. Had to drop a five pounder cannon ball on the plank and flip 'im merciless to the sea. No quarters for rum thieves.

I soon got asked if my morning prose was rum induced. Ha Ha. Not likely after one spiked coffee, however it got me think'n about my magical life at sea. So far from the reality of life ashore. The concept of sailing your boat to where ever your imagination and desire plots a course is no less than magical.

"Anyway, my imagination just ran wild for the rest of the journey" a quote from Sir Paul McCartney talking about living a life so far from what some call reality. He imagined a band called Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - a band that was not them - with the front man Billy Shears.

"Then it all fell into place. There's this guy and he's got this band, and that could be us. It was quite freeing. Every time we thought, 'Oh, we can't do that', it was, 'Why not? It's this other group . . .  it's not us'."

Disney would envy my world I live in at sea with my boat as home floating on an almost infinite ocean of destinations and magical voyages. A Magical Mystery Tour for Sure!

In my colourful past with each a new role such as fisherman, tropical sailor, ski bum, photographer and on and on my life has been filled with charming and colourful characters enough to weave ever lasting impressions, each like a new verse to my song.

I know for sure as a kid my imagination was far bigger than the wee small town lad I was born into. What has been so different is my imagination has taken me actually to realities far beyond my mind's boarders. It is so not hard to live a reality of making a rum theiv'n spider walk the plank. The Magical Mystery Tour is Here. My boat, my life at sea, and the yet to cast off voyages of discovery to come.

Places we call Home

06 December 2018 | Gorge Harbour - Cortez Island- BC - Canada
Captain Ev
Living aboard - Many of the conveniences of shore life have long been left behind. In the old days as a dirt dweller it was hard to pack your home with you as you travel. Cruising on your boat home is one huge plus of this unique journey.

Arriving in new and fascinating places and experiencing each new adventure certainly is life's bonus time. Venture verses complacency, what's a little risk, only the price of the undertaking. No worries.

Arriving by boat you call home makes this new found paradise your new home. Taking the time to become part of a new community can not usually be done as a tourist. A whole perspective is lost by not taking time to belong.

For sure the disadvantage in making these new roots, new friends, new familiar haunts is they all become once again hard to say goodbye to.

The advantage of course is on this awaiting voyage over the horizon lies a new home with adventures awaiting your arrival.

The journey continues...

That Fancy Boat

29 November 2018 | Wintering in the Gorge - Cortez Island BC
Captain Ev
I sail but I also study my other passion photography. These days it is easy to get caught up in the Black Friday - Cyber Monday push to sell you newer and better camera equipment. Which brings up the subject of this post. I would love the new Nikon D 7200 or Nikon D 810 - dream cameras. Cameras are a tool - pros use the best there is as time is money and these tools make it easier to concentrate on their art - their photographic skills. Great pictures were taken years ago with much lesser technology of todays cameras. The art of photography does not require you have the best equipment - in fact the challenge of using inferior equipment is statement to your skills.

Back to boats - the above is so true about boats - there is no end to the perfect dream boat - still that dream boat does not make you a better sailor. The challenge of accomplishing what those with the dream boats do with your old boat makes you a greater sailor.

New golf clubs can improve your game - however keeping up with those with the new clubs with your dinosaurs makes you a better golfer.

Dingy sailing can be more challenging than sailing a big boat - they are much less forgiving. Screw up in a dingy and your are in the chuck.

The point - making myself feel better with less is true - knowing I can sail my old boat anywhere I want to go is heartwarming.

Cruising Fraternity - sailing friends

14 November 2018 | Grenada
Having just lost a long time cruising pal I am dedicating this post to Michael Wilson of SV Tortu. Those who have used the cruisers net in Mazatlan will remember Mike well. Always there to lend a hand or share some advice with his untold wealth of cruising and boat knowledge.

The cruising fraternity does not care what you used to do in that 'other life' - you are Brethren of the Sea

Delos sailed from Trinidad to Grenada - on arriving Captain Brian Trautman and crew were met by an old friend he met just as he set out for thee adventure of a lifetime sailing around the world - Rick Moore had sailed out to meet them and guide them into the Harbour - too with a pre-arranged slip waiting for them - how awesome is that!

I still remember just having secured the lines pulling into the Isla docks in Mazatlan when this sailor girl hands over two fresh made blender drinks to us with the comment - "Hi may name is Dee - welcome to Mazatlan" The nature of the cruising life is we move on but you do not forget friends like this. Such is the Fraternity of the Sea. Mike was the same - always there to welcome new comers.

Sorry I never made it back down in time to share great times together again Mike - You leave a huge hole in our ocean with your legacy pal.

Sailing Styles

19 September 2018 | Gorge Harbour - Cortez Island - Anchored
Fall Cruising
The freedom to go where ever you want and when ever you want - is actually quite restricting. If at the moment you sail alone as I do - it involves a decision. Many sail and see how many pins they can put on the chart or map. I am finding that is not my style. I love to linger - become part of the place. So what is this about cramping your style? Well it is simple really - what if I like it here and never want to leave? What if I chose not to go to a place I may never have wanted to leave? Places I will not want to leave are awaiting for me. What to do? Hmmm - then there is always new rum over the horizon.
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