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The voyage, adventures, and salty tales of Capt'n Ev and Crew aboard sailing vessel Morning Star a Ted Brewer Whitby 42 ketch.

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Making Friends on Distant Shores

04 March 2020 | Belise
Everett Woodworth | Tropical
This is actually a post within a post. A verification of just what I was talking about in my post about meeting new friends in far away places we cruise to.

I have a few mentors in my world of sailing - one being the champion, master and commander of charting and exploring the then unknown world - Captain James Cook - Not far on his tails is another Mentor Capt. Garry Fatty Goodlander now on their fourth circumnavigation. Besides his wealth of experience and tales, he and his wife on arriving at a new anchorage are soon to become at one with the locals and customs.

So like a fan starstruck for obtaining an autograph it is with great honor for me to see my mentor Fatty liking a post I made about doing what he does best.
Vessel Name: Morning Star
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