Sailing Morning Star

The voyage, adventures, and salty tales of Capt'n Ev and Crew aboard sailing vessel Morning Star a Ted Brewer Whitby 42 ketch.

05 February 2021 | BC Coast
31 January 2021 | The Seven Seas
21 November 2020 | Morning Star Studios
27 October 2020 | BC Coast
06 May 2020 | Gorge Harbour - Cortes Island- BC - Canada
26 April 2020 | Morning Star Studios
07 March 2020 | Head in the Bilge, Mind in the Clouds
04 March 2020 | Belise
01 March 2020 | Gulf Islands

Blood Sweat and Tears

07 March 2020 | Head in the Bilge, Mind in the Clouds
Everett Woodworth | Pictured one of the bigger projects a new bow thruster
Project Morning Star started with a simple concept - a promise to myself to finish all my major projects before I went cruising leaving me free but like any boat owner, with only maintenance to do.

Well like pressure washing a house it turned out I could not just upgrade a part of my boat and the long list of upgrades went from one end of the boat to the other - nothing was spared.

I am not done, however I am now done enough to leave having kept my promise. While rich on handyman talent many projects were not cheap - first I had to work to pay for them and then I had to work to install them.

I relished in the joy of having just one project done - I dared not look too far forward. I can kick back with a tall glass of rum and now look back with a big, not a big, a mucho enchilada big sigh.
Vessel Name: Morning Star
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby42 Center Cockpit Ketch
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