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The voyage, adventures, and salty tales of Capt'n Ev and Crew aboard sailing vessel Morning Star a Ted Brewer Whitby 42 ketch.

05 February 2021 | BC Coast
31 January 2021 | The Seven Seas
21 November 2020 | Morning Star Studios
27 October 2020 | BC Coast
06 May 2020 | Gorge Harbour - Cortes Island- BC - Canada
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Whale Research

27 October 2020 | BC Coast
Everett Woodworth | Rain Forest with peaks of Paradise
Humpback Whales return to our BC Coast
I give Paul Watson and his Sea Shephard full credit, his fight since the '70s has been relentless - he has not only saved the whales but has helped turn the tide of public consciousness for the need to protect these precious denizens of our oceans.

An old high school chum from my home town became a marine biologist and turned his efforts to whale research sailing his boat to far oceans studying whales. Graham Ellis is a well respected authority - contributor to National Geographic and much more. While a bit late in life to take up founded research, I would love to get involved with the whales I love so much in an amateur's capacity.

I am buying an new four channel audio field recorder which would team up perfect with a hydrophone to record whale sounds as I sail our waters. I have listened aboard Pacific Whale Research Foundation vessels in Maui to the hydrophone sounds of mating whales. All I can say about this is WOW I am in.

With world cruising virtually crippled it has become a wise choice to stay home in the local waters of our BC Coast Canada. Not only do I want to photograph and videograph my coastal voyages I am thinking to trying to contribute to the whale research pool in an amateur's capacity. Hoping to find funds enough for more photo and video equipment such as a quality drone and also a hydrophone. If anyone wants to contribute go to my webpage and click the link - buy us a beer.
Vessel Name: Morning Star
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby42 Center Cockpit Ketch
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