Sailing Morning Star

The voyage, adventures, and salty tales of Capt'n Ev and Crew aboard sailing vessel Morning Star a Ted Brewer Whitby 42 ketch.

05 February 2021 | BC Coast
31 January 2021 | The Seven Seas
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06 May 2020 | Gorge Harbour - Cortes Island- BC - Canada
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Are YOU seaworthy

31 January 2021 | The Seven Seas
Everett Woodworth
That's a fine looking boat, she looks seaworthy - No no no we are talking about You - Are YOU Seaworthy???
Mother Ocean does not just accept anybody. You have to prepare and pass the bar. First step is to stand oceanside peering out into the abyss. Before long the lure of the sea will be calling and have you in her grips. But there is much, much more me lads and lasses.
Bucking Up - committing to the ocean as in a marriage vow - till death doeth part! The ocean is family, you have to agree to honour and protect her every wave.
Stuff - be prepared to shed your life of stuff like couches and coffee tables. Stuff is now compasses, anchors, and charts.
Fear - but I am afraid - the fear is the unknown. Challenge the sea with respect and she will be a good teacher. Soon experience will replace fear. Still never turn you back on the ocean, but instead be prepared for surprise. Skill can not be bought, it must be paid for by surviving the storm.
Pack your duffle bag, there are no suitcases on the ocean. Welcome aboard. You made it. Just one last hurdle before being officially declared seaworthy. Feed the fish - no not fish food - keep your ocean family healthy by keeping Mother Ocean pure and unpolluted. Smell the ocean breeze - take a deep breath - You are now officially Seaworthy.
Vessel Name: Morning Star
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby42 Center Cockpit Ketch
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