Sailing Morning Star

The voyage, adventures, and salty tales of Capt'n Ev and Crew aboard sailing vessel Morning Star a Ted Brewer Whitby 42 ketch.

05 February 2021 | BC Coast
31 January 2021 | The Seven Seas
21 November 2020 | Morning Star Studios
27 October 2020 | BC Coast
06 May 2020 | Gorge Harbour - Cortes Island- BC - Canada
26 April 2020 | Morning Star Studios
07 March 2020 | Head in the Bilge, Mind in the Clouds
04 March 2020 | Belise
01 March 2020 | Gulf Islands

Life Aboard as Home

05 February 2021 | BC Coast
Everett Woodworth | perfect summer weather
Life On The Ocean
I feel like I need a passport for shore leave to enter the world of what Capt'n Goodlander calls 'dirtdwellers'. Foreigners with with foreign policy and life choices. I expect the land to gently rock as a vehicle passes or the need to tack my umbrella to get to the store. Morning Star is unique as I have poured my very soul into her being - her and I have grown to belong with the sea and all life on the ocean.
Vessel Name: Morning Star
Vessel Make/Model: Whitby42 Center Cockpit Ketch
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