Sailing Morning Star

The voyage, adventures, and salty tales of Capt'n Ev and Crew aboard sailing vessel Morning Star a Ted Brewer Whitby 42 ketch.

05 February 2021 | BC Coast
31 January 2021 | The Seven Seas
21 November 2020 | Morning Star Studios
27 October 2020 | BC Coast
06 May 2020 | Gorge Harbour - Cortes Island- BC - Canada
26 April 2020 | Morning Star Studios
07 March 2020 | Head in the Bilge, Mind in the Clouds
04 March 2020 | Belise
01 March 2020 | Gulf Islands

Life Aboard as Home

05 February 2021 | BC Coast
Everett Woodworth | perfect summer weather
Life On The Ocean
I feel like I need a passport for shore leave to enter the world of what Capt'n Goodlander calls 'dirtdwellers'. Foreigners with with foreign policy and life choices. I expect the land to gently rock as a vehicle passes or the need to tack my umbrella to get to the store. Morning Star is unique as I have poured my very soul into her being - her and I have grown to belong with the sea and all life on the ocean.

Are YOU seaworthy

31 January 2021 | The Seven Seas
Everett Woodworth
That's a fine looking boat, she looks seaworthy - No no no we are talking about You - Are YOU Seaworthy???
Mother Ocean does not just accept anybody. You have to prepare and pass the bar. First step is to stand oceanside peering out into the abyss. Before long the lure of the sea will be calling and have you in her grips. But there is much, much more me lads and lasses.
Bucking Up - committing to the ocean as in a marriage vow - till death doeth part! The ocean is family, you have to agree to honour and protect her every wave.
Stuff - be prepared to shed your life of stuff like couches and coffee tables. Stuff is now compasses, anchors, and charts.
Fear - but I am afraid - the fear is the unknown. Challenge the sea with respect and she will be a good teacher. Soon experience will replace fear. Still never turn you back on the ocean, but instead be prepared for surprise. Skill can not be bought, it must be paid for by surviving the storm.
Pack your duffle bag, there are no suitcases on the ocean. Welcome aboard. You made it. Just one last hurdle before being officially declared seaworthy. Feed the fish - no not fish food - keep your ocean family healthy by keeping Mother Ocean pure and unpolluted. Smell the ocean breeze - take a deep breath - You are now officially Seaworthy.

Sailing Morning Star YouTube Page

21 November 2020 | Morning Star Studios
Everett Woodworth | winters mayhem
It's a Long and Winding Road that leads to your door, will never disappear, I've seen that road before, it always leads me here, lead me to you door. I got into photography and videographing at least four decades ago, back in the days when you had to spice film. The concepts remained all these years later as I take it up again, as well my photography has come to the new age of digital. Now it is time to bring my experiences, voyages, adventures and salty old tales to your door via a Sailing Youtube Channel.

Presently working (Nov 21/2020) on Episode 7 - just a start, however as my skills at editing grow and new photography equipment is obtained, the experience hopefully will only get better.

Looking for support, as most know is how you become accepted on Youtube with likes (thumbs up), subscribing, and hitting the notifications bell for when new videos are published. Thanks

Whale Research

27 October 2020 | BC Coast
Everett Woodworth | Rain Forest with peaks of Paradise
Humpback Whales return to our BC Coast
I give Paul Watson and his Sea Shephard full credit, his fight since the '70s has been relentless - he has not only saved the whales but has helped turn the tide of public consciousness for the need to protect these precious denizens of our oceans.

An old high school chum from my home town became a marine biologist and turned his efforts to whale research sailing his boat to far oceans studying whales. Graham Ellis is a well respected authority - contributor to National Geographic and much more. While a bit late in life to take up founded research, I would love to get involved with the whales I love so much in an amateur's capacity.

I am buying an new four channel audio field recorder which would team up perfect with a hydrophone to record whale sounds as I sail our waters. I have listened aboard Pacific Whale Research Foundation vessels in Maui to the hydrophone sounds of mating whales. All I can say about this is WOW I am in.

With world cruising virtually crippled it has become a wise choice to stay home in the local waters of our BC Coast Canada. Not only do I want to photograph and videograph my coastal voyages I am thinking to trying to contribute to the whale research pool in an amateur's capacity. Hoping to find funds enough for more photo and video equipment such as a quality drone and also a hydrophone. If anyone wants to contribute go to my webpage and click the link - buy us a beer.

View From Aboard

06 May 2020 | Gorge Harbour - Cortes Island- BC - Canada
Everett Woodworth | Summer is Coming
Sailing Morning Star - the View From Aboard.

So looking like being a permanent liveaboard on the ocean peering out a port hole watching the rest of the world go by does not seem so profoundly abnormal. I do realize no one chose to be held ransom by a world pandemic, nor to be struggling financially for the same reason because of their life choices. It almost seems like we are in some sort of conspiracy movie to set the whole world up for a Virtual Lifestyle.

Sadly, never has the world been so united. Perhaps a new miracle of awareness will allow the world's inhabitants to unite to ensure we will never again be held so vulnerable. While I do not see a run on boats should we find our way clear of this threat, I do suspect that suddenly the new 'sought after' commodity of choice well be a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle.

New Logo

26 April 2020 | Morning Star Studios
Everett Woodworth | Tropical
For years I have debated a logo image - all the sailing logo images like waves, palm trees, and of course sails and sailboats all seemed too mundane or just not original enough for my liking.

I am NAUI Scuba certified ( in Maui ) and love to snorkel and have done so since a kid. My favourite fish has always been the Moorish Idle.

I wanted to create the sailing image idea - why not a fish sailing through the sea? And Of course Morning Star needed a Star.

It took the better of a late night session in Morning Star Studios and finally the logo is here.

I have ordered a new mizzen sail and it will display the new logo as well. Website - Facebook - and Youtube all have the new logo.

I need to do some research to set up a Morning Star Swag Shop which will feature Logo items for sale. Love the new Logo.
Vessel Name: Morning Star
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