Sailing Nokomis

25 February 2015 | Barker's Island Marina
14 February 2015 | I do not know where I am
12 February 2015 | Cracker Boy Marina
03 February 2015 | Cracker Boy Marina
01 February 2015 | Riviera Beach Marina
31 January 2015 | West Palm Beach
30 January 2015 | West Palm Beach
25 January 2015 | Mid-Atlantic
18 January 2015 | Sailing past Tarifa
10 January 2015 | Tivat, Montenegro
07 January 2015 | Monfalcone, Italy
03 January 2015 | Aegean Sea
27 December 2014 | Gemlik, Turkey
21 December 2014 | Or is she?
12 November 2014 | Ronda
08 November 2014 | Gibraltar
31 October 2014 | On the beach
28 October 2014 | Lagos
24 October 2014 | Lagos, Portugal
23 October 2014 | West coast of Portugal

Still heading west

25 January 2015 | Mid-Atlantic
Tracer has been taking me west for a week. All I have seen is wind, waves and water. Sometimes we go through bad weather with big waves. I always enjoyed that part when I had my hull in the water, slicing through the water and keeping my people aboard safe. But being on the deck of this big ship makes the motion much different. Sometimes I feel downright queasy and have appreciated more what Vicki goes through in bad weather.
We have also seen dolphins as they play in the bow waves. But I can only see them from above the water, not nearly as much fun as experiencing them playing around me and in my bow wave.
They like to play chicken as I am sailing along and compete to see who can get closest to my stem without getting hit. Once I warned a dolphin not to do it, but he did anyway and got clobbered. I felt bad, but I did warn him!
The best times happened at night when there was phosphorescence. I would leave a trail behind me and the dolphins liked to play in my wake. They also left a trail and would gambol in the green sparkles. So much entertainment during the long night. Once when we were in Bayfield on Lake Superior, Paul and Vicki anchored me close to the fireworks barge on the Fourth of July. It was so much fun watching the fireworks above. Dolphins and the phosphorescence are just like that, but below me and all around me. Oh, those were good times on the salty sea.
Vessel Name: Nokomis
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37
Hailing Port: Minneapolis, MN USA
Crew: Vicki & Paul
About: Vicki and Paul Have sailed Nokomis on Lake Superior from 2002 until 2011.
Beside sailing they enjoy nature hikes, cross country skiing, bicycling, and to kayak. In 2011 we sailed through the Great Lakes and have put Nokomis up for the winter in North Tonnawanda, NY. 2012 begins our grand adventure... sailing out the St. Lawrence onto Newfoundland and the [...]
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