Sailing around the Caribbean

In 2007 our family sailed from the Chesapeake Bay to the Caribbean, visiting most of the islands and stopping in Cartagena, Colombia for hurricane season. We just returned to the Chesapeake after visiting many Central American countries and islands.

11 July 2009 | Kikuyu in Annapolis Harbor, Looking toward the City
29 June 2009 | The National Young Women's Sailing Competition in Hampton
15 June 2009 | Fort Sumter, Charleston Harbor
02 June 2009 | Kennedy Space Center
01 June 2009 | Beaudacious and Third Boat that Joined us at Anchor in Fort Pierce
31 May 2009 | Our Friends Beaudacions' Mast was Taller than Most Bridges when Opened
25 May 2009 | View of a Canal from Las Olas Marina Boulevard
21 May 2009 | Approaching Miami Harbor
18 May 2009 | One of the Six-toed Cats Sleeping on Hemingway's Master Bed
16 May 2009 | Approaching Key West - Daniel at the bow trying to see land with the binoculars
08 May 2009 | Main Town Harbor
06 May 2009 | Maya Ritual Reenactment
29 April 2009 | Town's Harbor
27 April 2009 | Daniel at the Blue Hole
25 April 2009 | The Weather Turned Bad
22 April 2009 | View of City from Kikuyu
21 April 2009 | Dangriga Harbor -Daniel doing school work!
19 April 2009 | Whale Shark, Picture by Chelsea Tolppanen
15 April 2009 | kikuyu in the Middle at Anchor in East Harbor

Meet Kikuyu

24 March 2007 | Harrington Harbor North, Chesapeake Bay
Finding Kikuyu was a very lucky event for us. Its owner had taken it down to the Caribbean in the 1500 rally (where it placed 2nd in its class) and after had decided to sell it. This boat is the new 37' model that Hallberg-Rassy designed based on the very successful HR36 to make significant improvements to their old time 36 foot model, including a longer water line which allows it to sail faster for its size. There are currently only 2 of these boats in the US and they are both in the Washington DC. area. We fell in love with Kikuyu immediately!

Kikuyu was named by its previous owner who very thoughtfully gave it this wonderful name. It is the name of the largest tribe in Kenya, Africa, known for their resourcefulness, intelligence and perseverance in accomplishing goals. It is the tribe with whom Beryl Markham lived as a child. Beryl Markham wrote a very celebrate biography "West with the Night" which described her interesting life and her famous solo east-to-west airplane flight. She was the first person (and female) to fly solo and non-stop to the West (Nova Scotia) from the East (England) in 1936. Coincidentally, this is one of Maria's favorite books. Kikuyu also sounds like the Spanish word "capullo" which is a very romantic-sounding word often used in poetry. It means cacoon or flower bud. It represents beauty, gentleness and determination to spring new life during warm days. Thus, it seemed right to us to keep its name.
Vessel Name: Kikuyu
Vessel Make/Model: Hallberg-Rassy 37
Hailing Port: Norfolk, VA
Crew: Cunningham's (Captain: Kim; Crew: Maria & Daniel
About: Maria E. Ramos and Daniel Cunningham
We are delighted to have you as a visitor to our site. Our family (Dad-Kim, Mom-Maria, 12-year-old son: Daniel) started our cruising adventure in our minds a few years ago. We slowly began to take steps toward achieving this dream. In November of 2007 we departed Annapolis, MD in the Chesapeake [...]
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Who: Cunningham's (Captain: Kim; Crew: Maria & Daniel
Port: Norfolk, VA
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Kikuyu and its crew