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Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL
30 December 2016
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09 November 2016 | Panama City Watson Marina
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In PC for clinicals

09 April 2012 | watson Bayou
very pleasant
We came down on Sunday April 1, 2012 so Christina could start clinicals at Bay on Tues. On Monday she helped run the wires on the new Garmin 546s. It seems to work great. Got the bilge cleaned, opened, foamed, and glassed over Tues. and Wednes. I did some more boat work on Thurs. I forgot what it was as I've done so much. On Fri. Christina and I cleaned the boat and got ready for MIckey and Beth.

When they got here we went to the Friday street scene on Harrison. It was a lot of fun and we got some good Philopino food. Saturday morning early we headed out to Shell Island. We spent some time on the beach then went over to Bunker's Cove to anchor as we were supposed to have 20 knots from the east. It never happened but we were tucked in good just in case. We had nachos and lemon drops for dinner.

Sunday morning April 8, Mickey helped me change out the zincs after breakfast. We went back in and Mickey and Beth headed home.

Christina started back on clinicals Mon. and I worked on some plumbing problems.
Vessel Name: Promise
Hailing Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL
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Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL