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Bimini, Bahamas

12 December 2016
Bimini was made famous by Hemingway and rumrunning. To us it is famous for its beautiful waters, unique atmosphere and
friendly people. Promise is sitting in water so clear that she appears to be suspended in air. Even with the weather
being blustery with intermittent rain, we have gone to the beach several times, snorkeled and collected sea glass and
shells. We saw a variety of fish, but since there is no reef close to shore, it is nothing like we will see further south.
As usual, we saw a barracuda, which have a bad reputation and are very territorial. However, we have never experienced any
hostile behavior while swimming with them. They will and have attacked people if provoked. It is also not a good idea to
wear anything shiny, since they may mistake you for a fish.

When we first arrived we were approached with what we initialy thought was a deal, 12 fresh lobster tails for $45.00;
however, we were later offered 12 lobster tails for $25.00, which of course is a better deal. The first guy obviously
looks out for the new and uninitiated and you never see him again. Pretty sure the second price is the usual and
customary one.

On a sad note, the Earnest Hemingway Museum and Angler Bar, which we have enjoyed visiting in the past, has burned down.
There goes some real history up in smoke.

There are more Americans visiting Bimini since they now have a cruise ship coming here. Before it was just a few
Americans on private boats. Some Bahamians like it and are seeing a profit, but a lot of them do not like the increased
traffic and congestion. The infrastructure is not designed to handle it. Hopefully the increase in tourism will lead
to an improvement in the infracstructure and a better quality of drinking water for the good people of Bimini. As it
stands right now, the water that comes into their homes is sightly brackish, and is not suitable for drinking. There is
a water depot where they must go to purchase potabe water at $1.00 a gallon.

Every day a couple of very large bull sharks come into the marina and patrol for food. This is not a good time to work
on your boat below the water line or accidentally fall in. We had a fellow boater with two large dogs state that one of
his dogs fell in the water at the dock. Fortunatley the dog swam to another boat and got out of the water on the boat's
ladder. The sharks come in because they clean fish and throw the scraps into the water. This is prohibited in marinas
in the U.S because of that reason. Have to admit though it makes for some interesting entertainment. Pretty cool to be
able to look into clear water and see a shark cruising around your boat.

We have met some nice fellow cruisers here. We had a sundowner social at the dock one night, complete with guitar and
harmonica music and singing. A few that we have met include Benny and Lisa from New Hampshire, David and Jane from
Maine, Tinsley and Scott from Alabama, and Greg, a single-hander from Texas, who plays the guitar and tells jokes. There
are also quite a few of Canadians, some of which speak mainly French, but will engage you in an interesting conversation.
Interesting enough most of them are well-versed in American music, especially Delta blues.

The people of Bimini, as always, are very friendly and greet you with a salutation and a smile. Great gateway to the
Bahamas. We expect to be shoving off from the dock here in Bimini on Tuesday Dec. 13th, 2016 and will not have internet
service again until Georgetown.

Dale & Christina
S/V Promise

P.S Pic is of Christina at Bimini Beach with Atlantic ocean in background.
Vessel Name: Promise
Hailing Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL
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Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL