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Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL
30 December 2016
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Bimini to Shroud Cay

18 December 2016
We were underway from Bimini at 06:30 am 12//13/2016. There was pretty much a max exodus from Bimini to make the best
of the limited weather window to go further south. We travelled north along the northern coast of Bimini with water depths
of approx. 1000 ft, until we reached North Rock, and entered the Great Bahama Bank, which averages approx. 12 ft. of
water. The trip across the Bank is 74 miles, and we dropped anchor on the Eastern edge of the bank, along the tongue of
the Atlantic ocean, after dark. The water on the Bank, like most of the Bahamian waters, is very clear with great
visualization of marine life in the water and around the boat. We fished all day, but did not catch a thing. We heard
on VHF that a sailor caught a skipjack tuna, but they wisely released it due to concern over cigatera, which is found in
larger fish that consume reef fish. Cigatera is a neurotoxin, which can cause numerous complications, including paralysis.

The next morning at 6:15 am 12/14/2016, we passed through the NW channel, off of the Great Bahama Bank, onto the tongue
of the Atlantic ocean. Water depth changed from 12 ft. to bottomless within a few minutes.

Our next intended stop was West Bay, located off of the Island of New Providence. Nassau is the major city, and the
Capital of the Bahamas. Most people are familiar with Nassau, and will often tell you they do not like the Bahamas, but
this is usually due to them visiting only Nassau or Freeport, which is not a good representation of the Bahamas as a

We arrived at West Bay at 4:00 pm, after motoring all day due to the winds being directly on the nose. They were however
light winds and we averaged 5 knots. When we arrived, we immediatly jumped in for a swim. Water was very clear, but we
did not see much marine life while snorkeling. We were able to tune into an awesome radio station, relaxed for a while,
got really good showers and turned in early.

The next morning at 6:30 am we were underway to the Exuma chain of Islands, which runs North and South for over 100 miles
with most of the islands uninhabited. The Exumas is one of the main places that the English Loyalists fled to with their
slaves during the American Revolution. The poor soil of the Bahamas and the abolition of slavery in England made the
Exumas unsuitable for cash crops. The majority of the British returned to England and left the land to the slaves as
generational land, which means it cannot be sold, but must be handed down from generation to generation, which still
exists today.

We picked up a mooring ball at Shroud key at 4:15 pm. Shroud cay is a large island, but is one of the more desolate
locations in the Bahamas. We were surprised to see the 6 mooring balls placed there by the Bahamian Govt. We are
now approx. 105 miles from our destination of Georgetown, and once again, waiting on a weather window to safely
travel further south.
Vessel Name: Promise
Hailing Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL
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Port: Watson Bayou Marina, Panama City, FL