Sailing Sasha, This summer's adventure

Follow Pete, Susan and Elliott as we sail new destinations, seek cooler summer weather while making memorable life experiences.

12 October 2021 | Monroe Harbor
20 September 2021 | Atlantic Highlands
01 September 2021 | Horseneck Beach State Reserve
28 August 2021 | Provincetown MA
14 August 2021 | New London
05 August 2021 | Brooklyn Pier 5
02 August 2021 | Sandy Hook
24 July 2021
24 July 2021 | Mills Park, Hampton Va.
18 July 2021 | Belhaven NC
14 July 2021 | Milliken cove, Calabash creek
13 July 2021 | Georgetown, SC
10 July 2021 | Charleston Harbor
09 July 2021 | O'Callaghan Creek, Fig Island
05 July 2021 | Beaufort SC
30 June 2021 | South Daytona
20 June 2021 | Titusville Florida

The inevitable

12 October 2021 | Monroe Harbor
Pete and Susan Owens | Beautiful
Sadly Sasha's summer adventures has come to an end for this year. Resting firmly on the hard in Rock Hall, MD she is winterized and put away. We will surely miss her and the voyages she has taken us on, however the saga will continue. For now we ready ourselves to a wonderful Florida winter aboard our 42 foot riverboat named Monroe. We pinch ourselves to confirm how fortunate it is to be on the St John's river in a fabulous historic waterfront town of Sanford. Perched in her slip overlooking the active riverwalk we feel so connected to this town where we raised a son , made life long friendships and started a small business. Home is truly a place to come back to and feel welcomed and Sanford is that for Sue and I.

Fall is in the air

20 September 2021 | Atlantic Highlands
Pete and Susan Owens | 72 day and 69 night
Its hard to believe in a few days Fall will be officially announced. It's also a sad acknowledgement that Sasha's Summer adventure will soon come to a close. So today Sasha exits Long Island Sound and through NYC onwards to New Jersey. But first she must transit the upper East river down past Riker's Island and into the notorious Hell's gate. I checked tidal runs, times and flows to ensure to get it right. it can get nasty if caught against the current. Current speeds upwards to 6 knots can be trying for slow moving sailboats or a Mr Toads wild ride as you white knuckle through. I must have gotten it correct as Sasha plowed into the east river and rocketed past our green Lady of Liberty in record time. after 42 miles we sit anchored in Sandyhook Bay outside of Atlantic Highlands, NJ. We await a weather window to sail into the Atlantic for my first solo overnight 133 mile run to Cape May. Missing Susan to help with the night watches. My good friend Mike Armstrong will join up to continue another 140 mile overnight from Cape May to the Chesapeake and Rock Hall where Sasha will spend the winter until next Summer. So thank you New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts for the cooler summer weather, beautiful scenery, fabulous sailing and quiet anchorages, not to forget you're tasty cuisine. We will miss you but promise to return again!

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Dealing with change

01 September 2021 | Horseneck Beach State Reserve
Pete and Susan Owens | Gray and rain
It always seems when you are in the middle of something the need to change directions always comes to surface. Something pops up and causes a new course of action. This has been constant throughout our travels. One never knows what will happen next that needs immediate attention. In this case another storm, work stuff and a 95th birthday celebration. It's not always bad or scary stuff but just life things that stare right at you.

To update, our son flew back to Seattle after four days of sailing, biking and eating wonderful New England cuisine. We so enjoyed his company. Now we had to prepare for tropical storm Ida which is packing buckets of rain and gusty winds. Yes count with me, that's three tropical storms in 9 weeks. How could we get that lucky? The pandemic has struck our work place twice in just a few weeks and the admin shortage has caused enough concern that we both agree that Sue will leave the boat and head back to Sanford. Her father, Bill Williams 95th Birthday is coming up and she will be there to honor and share her love! As for Sasha, I will carry on alone. Yesterday I sailed from Boston Harbor down through the Cape Cod Canal to a quiet cove for an overnight anchorage. This morning I sailed to Horseneck Beach State Reservation just shy of Newport where I found a mooring tucked away from most oncoming winds. Single handling Sasha a 39 foot sailboat has become easier with time. Today's first was a successful mooring tie up with no help. In a few days Sasha will continue south towards the Chesapeake. That leaves six weeks before Sasha will be hauled out and remain on the hard throughout the upcoming winter. Until then there is more sailing and places to see. Here's hoping Sue and Elliott make it back to join me soon and NO more named storms!

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28 August 2021 | Provincetown MA
Pete and Susan Owens | 72 and 68 at night
We left Florida end of June for the pursuit of glorious cooler temperatures. Little did we know we would be pursued by two named storms. First Elsa packing winds over 60 knots as we rode her out in Beaufort SC. Feeling lucky to come out unscathed we continued northward knowing at some point we would venture beyond the hurricane belt. At least that is what we thought. Henri had other plans. Henri the first named storm to hit the New England coast in 30 years decided it was time to pay a visit and shake things up a bit. Henri chased us up the Narragansett bay to find shelter in a tiny creek with tall embankments with homes and trees above. This provided more than enough protection for up to a class 3 hurricane. Fortunately Henri after coming to shore was downgraded to a tropical storm dumping rain and high winds just west of us. Feeling lucky a second time we took the 3 day delay to address much needed repairs and maintenance. At this point we realize that life on the water or land offers no guarantee for safety. One can only take the necessary steps to keep safe. We receive many requests to stay safe and know its heart felt. As we watch daily news of local and national disasters or transportation tragedies we understand how fragile life actually is. This trip not only is about finding good weather as it is living life to its fullest for we know not when it ends. Obviously Susan and I will not be staring into the eye of a hurricane while flaunting our recent narrow excapes no more than playing chicken with our car on Interstate 4. So yes we will be safe and thank you all for those kind wishes.

Our current update after Henri was to navigate up 140 miles through Cape Cod Canal to Boston where we meet up with our son Matthew who red eyed in from Seattle for 3 days of sailing to Provincetown Cape Cod and back. Our 65 mile sail out of Boston Harbor to Provincetown included a trip out to Stellwagen Bank marine sanctuary in hopes to spy on visiting whales. 30 miles out we were rewarded for the effort. 3 Hump back whales graced us with their presence. Such a glorious sight, a first for us all. Sasha took a mooring ball in P-Town knowing the winds coming into the anchorage would not be favorable for anchoring. Going to shore we were pleasantly surprised how much of a Key West feel it had. So many restaurants, museums and cool New England style homes. The beaches were filled with late season sun worshipers. A coastal bike trail runs the full length of the Cape through the Cape Cod canal. A must revisit in future trips. Cape Cod has so much to explore and keep us excited in the weeks to come. Here's hoping for good weather and no more named storms.

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Long Island Sound

14 August 2021 | New London
Pete and Susan Owens | nice breeze but warm
When I think of some of the best sailing areas on the eastern Atlantic coast most sailors refer to the Chesapeake or the Keys and even Maine coastal harbors. But few have spoken of Long Island Sound. After arriving in New York and spending a few nights in Brooklyn Heights our next phase of the journey north was to head up the East River through hell's gate, past Rikers Island and then enter the Long Island Sound. Once there you are struck by the sheer size of this body of water. Roughly 100 miles in length including Buzzards bay and 20 miles across at its widest.
It is here in the sound that Sasha has found her clan. More sailboats than you can count. All coming out to sail from the numerous bays and rivers from which they berth. You would think the largest regatta is being conducted. Sailboats of all sizes, class, vintage and newest models all showing raised cloth while skimming about as graceful as a Swann. Just absolutely amazing seeing this many boats actually sailing rather than being tethered to a dock and forgotten over time. Long Island Sound is a true boating mecca. That being said the reason I believe is the endless possibilities of places to go and explore. For a day, overnight or weeks on end. States like New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island all connect. Places like Port Washington, Port Jefferson, Block Island, Martha's Vineyard, Mystic and Essex are wonderful ports to visit. Sue and I love these towns. Rich in history, known for either its lush green hills or bountiful beaches. We had prided our Sanford home being over a hundred years but here we find towns with homes built in the late 1600s. Fascinating to see how they still stand the test of time.

As Sasha heads further north towards Cape Cod and Boston the weather welcomes us with its cooler temps. With the exception of a few heat spells rolling through we are enjoying cool nights and mornings with a chill in the air. Having lived in Florida for 36 years I forgot how different the summers are elsewhere. Sasha has been the perfect mobile home that transports our summers to one of adventure seeking and keeping with our love of nature and the outdoors. Here's hoping our health withstands the coming years as age takes its course. What's life without some adventure?

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New York, New York

05 August 2021 | Brooklyn Pier 5
Pete and Susan Owens | 72 day and 69 night
Arriving in New York Harbor brought a flood of emotions. Obviously the beginnings for many new immigrants looking for a better life. What a fabulous way to be greeted than by the beacon of hope and freedom herself, The Statue of Liberty. At age 4 my mother and I sailed in right past this great symbol. Now 58 years later I reflect how fortunate I am now as an American. As I pass the 911 Twin Tower memorial I feel the sadness of those who gave all and left too suddenly like Tyler Victor Ugolyn and the countless others whose names we know not. Manhattan is truly alive with the daily movement of of so many people that make this city feel vibrant. From the Police and first responders to office and restaurant workers to the many tourists from all around the world all wanting to taste this big apple and savor its vast flavors. As I sail on past this big city I contemplate how this great country of ours is truly a melting pot of cultures, ideas and dreams. I can definitely say now that I did it my way! Thank you New York.

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Vessel Name: Sasha
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanis 390
Hailing Port: Sanford Fl.
Crew: Pete and Susan Owens and Elliott
About: Pete and Susan long time residents of Sanford Florida are seeking new adventures by challenging our knowledge and passion for sailing and travel and a desire to see this great countries coastal communities by water.
Extra: Follow SV Sasha as she seeks new sailing destinations, cooler summer weather and memorable life experiences
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