S/V Skylark

Just Sailing Around

Windy Bahamas

Been very windy here in the Bahamas. Anchored Manjack Cay been blowing 20-25 sustained, we saw gusts to 35.
At 4/13/2023 12:32 PM (utc) our position was 26 50.09'N 077 22.84'W

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Time to move?

I've been tied to a mooring for a couple of weeks now. Feeling very lazy after the hustle of getting ready and getting down here. But it's time...

The Trip

Here's our track from Beaufort, NC to the Abacos. About 480 nautical miles in a straight line. We didn't sail a straight linen and I'll explain why.

In the Abacos

Arrived safely Green Turtle Cay Friday morning. Stand by, more to come.


About to make our turn into the stream

Heading for the Abacos

Rob is still with me and we're planning to sail to the Abaco's leaving Morehead City early morning. December 4. We'll head for a point at 33 north, 78 West or as far Southwest as we can get by Monday morning and then turn South to cross the Gulf stream....