S/V Skylark

Just Sailing Around


Sitting Middle River MD at Rob's dock. It's cold! Tropical storm season finally appears to be over, taking the warm weather with it and the cold fronts are here and coming fast. Tom and I sailed here from New York two weeks ago. Kind of a rough trip due to a lot of storm activity far out in the Atlantic. The plan is for me to move the boat down to Norfolk in a day or two, and then Rob will join me early next week. From Norfolk we're hoping to sail straight to the Abacos. I'm estimating that leg will take 5 to 7 days. I'm planning to send daily position reports which will appear on the map associated with this web page. This will show our progress South and our location in the Bahamas.

The geeky part of the post:
We broke a reefing block in New York harbor at 25 knotts of wind. We pulled into the wind shadow of Ellis Island to make the repair.
Lots of upgrades this year to Skylark including a new head and plumbing ( most important thing on the boat), new lithium batteries and a homemade controller, new water maker, major project to re-insulate the icebox, new anchor windless, lots of rigging changes to make things easier. Everything appears to be working nicely and the boat is loaded to the max with cookies, snacks and supplies. Some food too.