S/V Skylark

Just Sailing Around

And now we're in Norfolk

Thanksgiving Day was beautiful. Not too chilly, light wind from the north. There was just enough wind to fill the sails as I motored past this guy. I just wanted to get to Norfolk and end the chapter in the Chesapeake. I'll be back and this is a great cruising ground but it's time to go.
I had a lot of anxiety about coming in to Norfolk. Actually I'm in Hampton VA just across the river. Yes It's true I have Dock Anxiety. I get nervous when I need to go in the inlet or pull up to the dock. This time wasn't too exciting though, almost no traffic in the inlet. At the dock the dockmaster wanted me to go into a slip that was angled upwind and upcurrent. OK not too bad, but I needed to get a line around the pole behind the boat. Um...no not by myself I can't. Into the down current slip we go. No worries.
So anyway now I'm waiting for weather here in Hampton. There are several high pressure areas heading off the coast in rapid succession. The northerly winds they bring are what I'm waiting for but before these come strong south west winds. Not good for me. I've been trying to plot a course and timing to get through this maze but I think it's a bad idea. So here I sit.