S/V Skylark

Just Sailing Around

Time to move?

I've been tied to a mooring for a couple of weeks now. Feeling very lazy after the hustle of getting ready and getting down here. But it's time to move.. I probably head up North into the wild with another boat, some Canadian friends, Polina. Allans-pensacola cay. There's a nice anchorage good for easterly wind and a hurricane hole we can get into at high tide for when the cold fronts clock the wind to the west.
The weather here has been lovely, mostly mild or light winds and although several cold fronts have arrived they have been unusually mild. Typically when a cold front approaches the wind starts to go light as it shifts south then blows hard from the southwest then really hard from the northwest before it returns to an easterly flow. This year the southwest and northwest winds have been 10 -15 tops, usually less. There's usually a period of harsh weather called the Christmas winds and we haven't seen that....yet.